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    I recently have gotten into fashion and footwear. I love my wardobe and sorting through my wardrobe. I wear dresses. I wear skirts. I avoid jeans and T-Shirts. I don’t dress in tracksuits. I love wearing stylish, smart clothes. Not pearls and a twinset or a trouser suit: just feminine, stylish, colourful clothing. I have my own style these days and love looking attractive.

    I also keep my nails manicured 24/7. I pluck my eyebrows regularly and love wearing lipstick.

    Over to you!


    I love looking attractive too! Everyone does really have their own style but some do tend to follow the dictates of fashion to the extreme. Personally I try to balance things as, having an fairly active lifestyle, rugged clothes are more practical at times. Even the garden can be a bit hostile to skirt, bare legs and sandals. It does not stop me though. Being at one with nature means letting the wild in as well as growing things I like. I am not one for regemented lines of flowers lol. No, I am not sure I would be called stylish, more feminine. Dresses – yes, skirts – yes I love them! Yes I pluck my eybrows regularly, keep my nails tidy (hard with the garden) and wear lipstick daily when I go out too.

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    I suppose Im a bit like @spinningjen  I have to balance clothes to fit my lifestyle.

    I do have some nicer clother but to be honest I live in jeans and tops. Part of this is practical and partly health . Since I got ill and was given some medications that I was allergic to I find it hard to regulate body tempreture I cant stand anything knitted to touch my skin nor any collar to touch my throat. So all cotton or some times viscose and V neck if possble.  Cant wear heels anymore but I love my boots.

    My big weakness is now scarves and shawls that I wear lightly draped aroud my neck in winter. I have every colour and style you can think of and Im always buying more.



    Fashion is wonderful. It is only recently, however, I’ve gotten into fashion. I will never be a fashion victim, but do dress with style. Unfortunately I can’t wander about in high heels either: although I would wear heels at a party, where the other women were, too.

    I have read many back issues of “Cosmopolitan” magazine. This was mid to early 90’s, so I picked up a few fashion tips from them. I won’t ever wear a trouser suit or twinset and pearls, but do dress smartly: I just need to iron my clothes more often!

    Anyhow, I only wear jeans when I have absolutely no choice. I am not being rude, though: I just find jeans confining and too uncomfortable. They, basically, feel wrong.


    Anyhow, I only wear jeans when I have absolutely no choice. I am not being rude, though: I just find jeans confining and too uncomfortable. They, basically, feel wrong.

    I agree somewhat with you here. I tend to wear leggings, or even thick tights rather than jeans as I find them far more comfortable. An advantage of being a woman is the freedom to wear less confining clothes. I do wonder sometimes why so many don’t.


    I think it depends what youre doing. There is no way I would be comfortable walking dogs across heathland and through woods in heels and a skirt and I find leggings are very unflattering to ladies of a particualr age/shape.

    As a home carer we were also required to wear trousers of some discription.

    However it still bugs me to see people going out to a nice meal or turning up to a wedding or funeral in leggings, jeans, or other casual wear.

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    I have my own style too, I wear things I just like.

    During the summer, I like knit capris and jean shorts, with crew neck tees or sleeveless tops.  I also like pencil skirts, but I prefer stretchy ones that still let me move.   I pretty much only wear sandals during warm months (it’s a lot hotter here than England!), so I try to choose things that go with that.

    I find my style gets more “me” in fall and winter.  I like wearing oversized sweaters with leggings and boots.  I have a number of sweater-dresses that sort of go down about the same length as a miniskirt, and I’m very fond of cowl neck styles.

    I love, love anything cold shoulder, and I’ve got quite a few sweaters like this.  I enjoy colors such as cream, emerald, lavender, plum, peony, etc.  I normally don’t like prints.  I’m also quite fond of cardigans I can just throw on over anything.

    I have quite a few knit a-line midi skirts that go with almost anything.  I like heels, but I’m not into stilettos or anything; just a couple inches is fine.  I have a few pairs of boots that have block heels, and I have several wedge sandals (some I really love for date-night)


    I like the oversized sweaters too Mamie. They are ideal to wear if it is cool with leggings and when it gets really cold a long sleeved tee underneath layered into the leggings to keep out the chill. I often wear thicker fleecy tights instead of leggings too as they also keep my toes warm.

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    It is nice to wear nice clothing. But casual clothing can also look stylish. Clean, fitted, ironed jeans look good with the right sweater/blouse. Boots can be clean and stylish, too.

    It is nice to enjoy fashion but I never walk about competing with other women. I think if you’re suddenly comparing your dress with someone else or your shoes with someone else, you’ve lost the point of fashion, which is to feel comfortable, in your own style and to enjoy bright colours without fear. It doesn’t matter about designer clothes: even highstreet can be upperend. It is about how you put together your clothing.

    Style should be personal and enjoyable.

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    Have responded and just private messaged you back KitKatKitty!

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