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    Am I the only one but every time I look for a new dress or top online why is it that the only items I pick out ( after much searching ) are either not in my size or out of stock. This does happen a lot, is it indicative of my taste being popular and that I am in the majority for my size ( GB size 12 ). If so they should stock more in the popular sizes.


    You are not the only one! The number of times I have come across this. I am 12 /14 (GB). This is one reason why I am not too active at sale time as my size is sold out quickly.


    That’s really annoying. Buying online, I suppose, is first come, first served. Still, it sucks. I don’t tend to buy a lot of clothing online. However, I did buy snow shoes a few years ago and a skirt from NEXT Online, which is gorgeous. I am not keen on going into shops but do so anyway. Online shopping is much easier, though and I will buy online in future.


    Hiya, I do get a lot of stuff online ( when they have my size ! ) but be wary of that cute outfit if you cannot see a pic of a model wearing it. I have found generally it is  cheap or bad fitting and had a few disappointments, I am careful now.


    Notwithstanding that I am in one of the biggest cities in the world, I still do a lot of online shopping- for the reason you mentioned mikki- My size which is  Missus 12-14. Seems like they always have it on line.


    I always found it a bit intimidating going into the bigger stores in New York, there were security guards everywhere and they ball seemed to look at you. Great place though, I did enjoy my visit.


    Just take it that they are finding you attractive mikki. I have never been to New York, but there seems to be much more security here these days too! Some of the guards look more like night club bouncers.


    i hope they do find me attractive but it was really unnerving, I have heard it has changed a lot since 9/11 and not as good and yes the guards did look like bouncers as well.


    My sister visited New York a few years ago now. She loved it there. My brother has visited there a few times now. Obviously, my sister saw the tourist part of the city, whereas my brother has friends there. Two different view points. I have never been myself. Maybe one day. Anyhow, online shopping is very convenient and I have done much of it in the past. The perks of having a computer. I do love NEXT online. NEXT is my favourite clothes shop here in Britain. Their clothing is really beautiful. When I earn more, I will buy much more clothing from there.

    That’s my penny’s worth!


    Hi KitKatKitty, you should go at least for a once in the lifetime trip it is an experience you will enjoy, there is so much to see. Also NEXT have some nice clothes but the online site only gives you one view of an item, whereas some sites give you multiple views and a catwalk video ( that I do love ).


    It’s excellent that sites do multiple views of clothing. It is obvious, I suppose, though! Again, clothing is what I plan to do a lot of when I earn more money. I have a few fingers in the honey jar. Anyhow, I will happily buy online.


    Hi Kit , can I call you that as it is much shorter?, the weather has started to brighten up so I am already looking online for my new Summer wardrobe. I am allowed to spend a bit as I have lost weight so I will be getting lots of dresses and tops in  a size 12 now – heaven! x


    Congratulations on losing weight, mikki! Getting to a size 12 is a great achievement. You’re a lot smaller than many women: and not just women I know. You’ll look stylish in dresses and tops. Happy shopping! I am looking forward to spring and summer fashions myself.


    Thanks Kitty, we do like praise don’t we, I do know several women my age who are slim and I do try to keep up with them in the fashion stakes. Good hunting that cute dress is out there waiting for you .


    Good going mikki! I would be doing well to get down to my 14, but being taller it will be Ok.

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