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    Having a beautiful figure is wonderful, as is wearing fashions. Modern women are very stylish. I read a lot of women’s magazines and I definitely am inspired. Quality clothing is very important and I love bright colours, although I avoid looking like a Christmas tree. LOL. Anyhow, online shopping is where it’s at.


    Online shopping is great as long as they have your size of course, I often see a cute dress or sexy lingerie only to find they only have a 22  or something in stock. At the moment there are bargains to be had though, I just have to resist most of the time lol.


    Online shopping is great and convenient if you have Pay Pal or a Credit Card. I love using sites such as Amazon which have just about everything.


    Yesterday evening, I experienced the scourge which now is American “brick and mortar” retail.  Any time I needed a suit or a gown in the past, I had gone to the Dillard’s in a nearby mall.  This mall, much like many in the US, is pretty much dead; and the store was converted to a giant sales rack.  So, I traveled to the other end of town to the Dillard’s in another dying mall.

    The clothing department was devoid of customers, and two nice female sales associates asked me if I needed help finding something.  They directed me to another part of the store, where I would find a suit in my size to try on.  Lo and behold, ALL the fitting rooms at that end of the store were locked!  I pressed the call button to summon a sales associate who never came.

    Needless to say, I left empty-handed; and I won’t go back there again.  I’ll have to find another place to buy suits.


    I haven’t done any online shopping but my mom has. I really wanted this really popular shirt from Vineyard Vines which is an United States company and my mom ordered me one online for Christmas.


    With many of my electronic musical gadgets and wires and plugs, shopping online is a major plus for me. Many of the quality pieces of equipment needed for me to play my Bass are not only found in a regular music store, but if they were they would be much more expensive then the online retailers that I purchase them from.


    Amazon seems to be taking over the world with making shopping easier to do with a click of your mouse. It also seems like there is an expanding growth of products on Amazon as well as many other sites providing online versions of there stores. Also 2 day shipping service is quite the luxury.


    Amazon does seem to have taken over, although I do use ebay more often now. With clothing I prefer to see online then check out in the local store before buying as I still like to feel the cloth.


    Ebay is also a good choice, especially when you find a bargain.


    Yes, you do have to be careful of quality though. The same can be said of Amazon. and I have had one or two problems with purchases there. Nothing they did not readily sort out, but I have noticed that some prices are increased to what the companies charge when you deal with them direct. With reputable companies I do deal direct now.



    We do quite a lot of online shopping mostly from stores we know and trust but which are simply too far away to make it worth while going there physically. OH brews his own beer so we order all the supplies online . I do all my photos online too. Shoes are difficult because my feet are not ‘standard’ but we recently got a great deal on winter coats at half price via an online outdoor supplier and they were free return if not what we wanted so we had nothing to loose.

    Living in a small town online shopping is really handy because we dont have all the stores locally and I know as I get older grocery shopping online will take over so practice now and when Im old it will be easy..

    I actually  picked and delivered groceries ordered online in my home town when it was first tried here now its all from a central depot but back then (2001)  it was done on a store by store basis.



    You’re right, cassanadra: I live in a small town too and having online shopping is a lifesaver. I could not function without online shopping and other services. The Internet is a lifeline now.

    If you live in a large town, it’s great to wander to shops, drive to shops, etc. But for us smalltown girls we NEED online shopping.


    I would consider myself an online shopaholic. I also love the Amazon Prime Shipping in 2 day delivery as I get excited that I am getting my goodies really quickly. I also do much of my Christmas shopping online and especially for my 2 grand daughters as they stuff on their lists that are usually difficult to find in the stores. So it comes in quite handy for that. I also find myself sucked into QVC at times and have purchased from them a few times.


    I LOVE QVC. I watched it the other day and it was all about nails. Now, I am addicted to nail polish and nails in general. I have my nails painted a tomato red at the moment. I am always cleaning and filing my nails, too. I have always looked affer them and always will.

    Manicures should be part of every woman’s life!


    when it comes to online shopping I always end up buying what I never came for


    like: if I wanted clothes, you can garantee the next minit my amazon basket is full of random stuff I’ve seen on the homepage


    garantee it.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 44 total)
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