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    I don’t like Amazon. They get very devious. If you don’t have Prime they are continuously trying to trick you into subscribing, and they advertise things as zero postage but then only let you know postage will cost unless you buy more to spend over £20 (this may now have changed to free delivery on your first Amazon order as I see for many things but I have not shopped there for months). In all cases it never seems to be possible to check on prices and delivery before you have signed in and on the point of purchase. If you look you will find that many items can be obtained cheaper by going directly to the suppliers website anyway. They are evil!

    Personally I prefer ebay as I can at least go to basket and add or subtract things so getting my budget sorted.


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    It’s funny that you mention Amazon’s Prime membership…

    I’m a Prime member on (US).   I just recently bought two German down comforters and pillows from and paid the “exorbitant” shipping to my address in the U.S.  Apparently, my prime membership isn’t valid worldwide…that’s fair.  The total was still half price of the California site I used to purchase items for my mom.

    I also ordered some German bedding from  Again, the total was half price.

    Then, I noticed that there was a lot more selection on  I ordered two more comforter sets…again half off.  During checkout, the site told me that my shipping would be free if I had an Amazon Prime membership (all the way to the US?!).  I could try it free for 30 days.  I didn’t want to buy another Prime membership for Germany, and I didn’t feel right about enrolling in a 30-day trial just to get free shipping this time.  So, I declined their offer.


    I always decline Prime offers on Amazon.

    Anyhow, I order loads of items online. PayPal is my friend here. It is a safe and secure way to pay. If you’re not with PayPal, what are you waiting for? It is much, much safer than sharing credit card details with different online retailers.

    Get PayPal: and save your bacon.


    My daughter has prime so if I want to order a Prime article I do it via her account and get the free postage…we also enjoyed the Amazon prime TV which is a bit like Netflix and for €2.99 a month it really does work out well because again you can have 5 devices or something so I piggyback from my daughter

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    I just bought the FireStick.  Boy, am I impressed!  As a 5-year Amazon Prime member, I can watch a lot of things for free…but, I’ve never really taken advantage of it.  I’ve watched a couple of things in the past on my computer, but that’s not convenient for 2 people.

    My hubby and I are currently binge-watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” an Amazon original series.


    I have a computer hooked up to the TV when I stream. I use Prime Video at times, and Disney+ too. Most of the Prime use in my house is for the shipping, since online shopping was really helpful even before this year – local selection in the sizes and styles we need/want is poor. Hooray for oblige shopping! ☺️

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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