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Opinions on astrology

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    Does anyone here believe in or follow astrology? I occasionally read my stars in the newspaper or magazine just for fun, but there are people at work that ask others what star sign they are and then seem to determine from that whether they will get on well with that person, or what they are really like.

    Surely you should just get to know a person by talking to them rather than judging them by what day they were born on? I know one woman who freaks out if she doesn’t read her horoscope before noon.

    Do you believe in astrology? How seriously do you take it?


    I read my star for fun every now and again – if I am flicking through a magazine and see the horoscope section I will take a read. They are so general though they border on the pointless although for novelty value I think they are worth a read.


    horoscopes dont really interest me, although my fiance likes reading mine as he reckons it gives him insight as to how to behave around me that day! The cheek!


    I love reading my horoscope but it is more for fun. I do enjoy reading what signs I get along with and who I am polar opposite of but surely I wouldn’t become friends with someone just because our zodiac signs don’t align.


    I like reading them for fun and like you scrat i read the ones for my friends as well sometimes they can be pretty funny!


    I read them for a giggle occasionlly, but don’t pay that much atention to what’s in them. Something I find bizarre about horoscopes – my husband isn’t bothered by them but he gets really annoyed if I read his out to him; he says it’s bad luck to tell someone else their horoscope unless you’re the astrologer. Anyone else come across this?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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