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    so, I would really like to see a subforum on here for entertainment (music, movies, tv etc)


    I know these things can be posted under general chat, however in my opinion, it’s not very ” general”


    you have a health forum, a just for fun forum, a news forum, a fashion forum, all these things are areas of interest- you wouldn’t for example overload the general chat section with health artickles


    this is what I’m trying to say: entertainment is another area of interest. general chat is things like what you ate for dinner, or what you’re doing today, or how you are feeling.


    it’s just an idea. I don’t understand why entertainment isn’t a category


    I suppose its just always been under hobbies…


    To be honest I seldom notice what section something is under. I just go the the ‘view new posts’ tab.


    They are great ideas! I suppose the website designers and moderators will update this site when member-use goes down.

    I know I am here a LOT. As are other members who know me! Anyhow, there is another website I used/use. I don’t know if I’ll continue to use the other website, basically. The sub-sections have been removed, because so few people were using it. It is such a shame because that website was great. People just were not using it fully.

    Back to Female Forum: there could be updates. We’ll have to wait and see if the designers decide to expand this site.

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    I guess with things like this, it falls down to popularity and demand. usually (at least with other sites i’ve been on), if the users want it, the staff add it.


    happy users means a smooth running site. sites like this would be nothing if we all just stopped posting


    You’re absolutely right, emily91: it does come down to demand. If there is no demand for a forum/sub-sections, then those sub-sections will be removed.

    I hope this site doesn’t die and we get a lot more traffic.


    I think part of it comes down to the admins of this site aproving new acounts a bit faster


    when I registered, it took just over a week for mine to be aproved.


    and members may just get impatient and leave before they get activated.


    I was going to do that too


    glad I didn’t though. I like it here


    I cannot remember it taking a while, but it was a long time ago though. I’m gld you are here Emily.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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