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    Greetings to you all!

    I want to congratulate all of woman in this forum with our common holiday – International Woman’s Day! International Woman’s Day is 8th of march. I wish you all health, happyness and good mood 🙂


    Hi Sova, lovely to see you again!!

    I never realised that today is International Womens Day! I wish you good health and happiness as well. Don’t be a stranger, come back and see us again soon. 🙂


    Hi Souxi 🙂
    I am very pleased that you remember me 🙂
    I had a lot of work lately, so there was almost no free time…
    But I’ll try to appear on the forum more often 🙂



    May each of us soar with majesty on International Women’s Day.


    Not to put a damper on things but it might be a bit more noticable if women at least got a day off for this so called holiday I as many others will still be not only working inside the home but outside as well…So much for a holiday!


    When you stop and think what might happening in other women’s lives across the globe, those living in poverty, in war zones, in fear of domestic violence, I just start to feel grateful for my own existence, humble though it is.


    Just thinking out loud here..
    But I was reading the sister hope website and thinking would it be an idea if we at FF adopted a charity of our own?
    If we each were able to make a small contribution to a single charity for women and recieve regular updates through FF?

    Of course I know Martin would have to make sure it was all above board but maybe it would help us all bond together in supporting a single cause..??


    Cassandra that is such a good idea. Having a supply of pads is a necessity for every woman. It never really occurred to me what women and young girls would do without them in developing countries. But I can’t help thinking that the idea of making reusable ones is also very pertinent for the planet and not just to save money.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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