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    Most of my friends have pets. How pets have you? Why you brought pet? Maybe you just love animals, or your kids brought home a puppy or kitten? Maybe you can post a foto of your pets?


    I have two cats Sova. A tabby cat called Smudge and a black long haired ball of fluff called Bruno.

    I have loads of pictures of them. I shall have to scan them and save them to my pc then upload them onto here.

    Bruno is quite mad. He chases allsorts of toys around the house. Not that I encourage him of course. *cough* 😉


    I have a hamsters called Peanut & Parsnip, they took allot more work than I expected them too.

    They are so funny to watch, I will feed a bunch of their favorite treats all the same size and they will fight each other for the exact same one despite them having a whole bowl full.



    I love animals. Im more maternal towards animals than people.
    id have a dog but im allergic to them – god bless ’em.

    so we got a cat over a year ago whos just so loving, not like a cat at all, evenings are spent with him lying ontop of me with his chin next to mine. we worried that he was lonely durring the day so we recently got him a friend who is now 4 months old, hes a little bit timid but getting there,runs around with the other one playing and squeeking&growling;in his funny ways.

    Junior age 4months

    Felix nearly 2 years
    I love ’em to bits!


    I had three rabbits when i was a girl the were all males otherwise well you know. They are all long gone now. One of them didn+t live long because the two larger ones killed the poor thing don´t know why even now. They probably just didn´t get along for some reason sigh. I still miss them sigh.


    I have two female dogs, both rescues, and four cats, all rescues. The cats consist of two females and two males.



    well, being as its pouring down outside, i got the camera out again & annoyed the hell out of my youngest (cat) with it.

    So, for any cat lovers here are my portraits of Junior taken today


    cat you take the most beautifull pictures. Your cat is gorgeous. You really are very talented indeed. I wish I was good at something.



    out of my two , hes the one i seem to get the most photographs from, and theyre probably the best, when hes behaving and sitting still he can be very photogenic


    Simply adorable

    I like the pic where you say he has something on his mind he really dose look like he dose have.



    lol, a kind of gremlin look!


    He looks lovely Cat! You do take lovely photo’s of your cat! And he’s really a lovely cat too :).

    I’d love for you to take pictures of my dogs – I just can’t get any nice ones! Mind you, i’ll have to teach them to behave first though 😆



    aww if we lived closer id give it a go and try and get some nice pics of him for you (& for me!). but cats are generally my resource for practice



    Here is another pet, although strictly speaking not mine, i just have to look after them as they’re my father in laws, hes often away so its ‘my duty’!



    I was expecting some dog or so but then saw a chicken head! 😆

    That picture is lovely though Cat. Its so detailed :).

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