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    Than we choose our nicknames, we put some value in it. What does it mean your nicknames? Why do you choose your nick? 🙂

    I’d choose mine because I love owls, they seems clever and mysterious… In russian “owl” sounds “Sova”, that’s why I chose a nikname 🙂


    Thats interesting Sova? I must admit I do sometimes wonder about peoples user names and why they chose them.

    Mine is the name of a horse in a story I read once. Your right about owls, they are fascinating birds really arn,t they?

    How is life in Russia? Is it very cold at the moment? We have had some snow in some parts of the country but not all. I wish I had some, I love snow.


    Ooooooo Ive had a fair few inches here in freezing Scottish Borders!!!!

    2 days full of snow! I am so excited, I haven’t seen this much snow since I left Wales!!!!!

    Apparently, one part of the Borders was actually colder than Moscow the other day :bug:

    Anyways back to the reason why we pick our nicknames

    Its my name, I am called Dawn, but my baby sister couldn’t say it when she was little, she called me no, noon, nooony then Dawny, she is 24, 25 next month and I don’t think she has ever called me Dawn!
    I am called Auntie Dawny to my nieces and nephews, friends kids, most my friends call me Dawny. My mom does too, only calls me DAWN in a voice I don’t like when she thinks Ive done something wrong :ohh:
    But on the whole I’m Dawny 🙂


    A dear friend of mine always called me Gladys, which is a million miles away from my name betty. She reckoned I looked like a Gladys. Don’t know whether to be pleased or offended!!!


    Souxi, *Dawny* we have no snow in the Moscow yet 🙂 Moscow winter is not too cold, it’s more raw and rainy than snowy and frosty 🙂 Fox example, last week we have a temperature +7 C
    But there is a lot of snow in the others part of Russia. My own town is in Siberia, and Siberia’s winter is very cold and snowy. Today temperature here is -20 C, and it’s not very cold for this region.
    I already show this fotos at the forum, but may be you doesn’t saw it:
    This is winter in my own town 🙂


    Wow what lovely pictures Sova!!!!


    Female Forum Christmas party next year at Sova’s house! Who is in?!? 😉


    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    Martin 😀
    It’s great idea 😀
    I’ll go in my own town on the holidays. May be I’ll do some new fotos and show all of you 😉


    I think I mentioned in another thread that Crazycat is a nickname that I have had for quite a while now.

    It probably all stemmed from the fact that I am a big animal fan and just a little bit crazy.

    And yes count me in..I would love to visit Sova 🙂


    I know someone on another forum called Pooky and I liked it, but we like cows in our house, so I thought I’d go with Mookie

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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