Ovarian Cysts

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    I am hoping to gain some insight and possibly advice from anyone that can help! Thank you for taking the time to read in advance and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    So…I am a 2o year-old female struggling with ovarian cysts and cannot seem to find a solution! I am a rather small girl, thin, fit, healthy and very active. Now I do understand that ovarian cysts are VERY common and most women do not even know they have them. I do see a GYN regularly, however, so far I have not found a solution. I personally struggle with developing cysts that are rather large in size. The reason I am frustrated by this is because when I do develop them, not only do they cause me pain on a regular basis, but it is very uncomfortable for me to have sex. It is painful, cramping, and I often cannot enjoy myself.

    I have been taking various birth-controls for many many years now and nothing has helped, knowing, that birth control “should” prevent ovarian cysts. Recently, I developed a cyst that was 5cm large and upon the advice of my GYN, I was sent to have a Diagnostic Laparoscopic Cystectomy. During the procedure, my GYN successfully removed the cyst and any other pathogens. After surgery, she explained to me that as far as she could see, everything looks good, no sign of any issues such as endometriosis and all.

    So…. what have we solved!? I am glad that I had the procedure done to take a look and ensure that everything looks normal but I don’t see a solution! I want to stress this… I understand that cysts are normal, and I am okay with having cysts, but I just do not understand why my cysts grow so big, as I fear them rupturing and simply causing me pain, and taking the pleasure and enjoyment out of sex between my partner and I!

    I will clearly discuss more about this with my GYN however, this has been going on for so long and my GYN has not yet been able to give me any help.


    I do understand that this matter is medical, and that I should be discussing this with medical professionals which I have been and I will continue to do so. However, if anyone has struggled with a similar or same issue and may have any kind of advice or tips on what I can educate myself on or do to help with my large cysts, I would REALLY appreciate it!


    Sorry for the long post and thank you again for reading!!


    i frequently had small ovarian cysts that went away on their own without treatment. my gyno suggested a hormonal contraceptive like the pill, even though i was using an mirena iud. She indicated about 12% of woman on mirena suffered with ovarian cyst increases. Since i had my mirena in for three years she suggested its removal. Since removing and using pill i have not had any ovarian cyst problems.

    hope this helps you.


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