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    What do you consider yourself?

    I consider myself a bit of both I guess. When I am hanging with my Sorority Sisters I am a huge party girl, but the rest of the time my head is in the books. After this upcoming year of my studies those days of partying with the Sorority Sisters are going to go out the window as some will graduate and I will move onto Medical School. Once in Medical School things I suppose will become even more intense and partying will become a thing of the past. I suppose I will meet other Med School students and we will go out and have drinks from time to time to unwind, but but the days of the wild parties will be gone.


    i am definitely 100% party girl. doubt anyone that knows me would disagree

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    I do not like to party, at all.  I really don’t like them, I am so uncomfortable all I want to do is leave as soon as I’m there.  My anxiety level is just through the roof and I can’t enjoy a minute of it.  I just never understood what people loved about them, I guess it’s just a personality thing or something.  I’d much rather be by myself, or I do like quiet group settings.  Like my idea of a great party would be a few friends at my house, sipping wine and maybe playing a game.

    I just love drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity.  It like gets even funnier when you’re intoxicated.

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    I am not really a party girl either. The bigger ones are often noisy and with my sensitive ears I don’t cope well. Although I do chat quite a bit, I am not good with the social etiquette and I am very shy with people I don’t know.

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    I love parties! I always get up and dance and just enjoy myself. However, I am not a “wild” type of person. I can be quiet & serious. But I can be very fun loving and chatty. I am a party girl and can also be laid back. But I am definitely not shy!

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    I like the occasional party buy have to overcome my shyness as well, the odd glass of wine helps. When I have loosened up I usually get hit on by some guy I don’t know, I expect hubby to rescue me if he is there but leaves me to my fate quite often. This makes me tease the guys to make him jealous by giving them a quick kiss and a cuddle, I’ll teach him lol.

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    Why not Mikki, It keeps them on their toes lol.

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    It does but the guys I kiss think they have pulled so I have to explain nicely to them after they stop fondling my derriere lol.

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