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    Hi All

    What advice do you all have for making passive income?
    I know the internet is full of sites claiming to make money from surveys and things like that…but is there any legitimacy from any of it?


    I don’t know, bevpop. I do know I sell my books online: I have a fair few books on sale, via various websites. However, I have not made any money from said books. A shame, really. Anyhow, a passive income could be selling DVDs/books/CDs via different websites you’d have to register with. Such as Amazon.

    I am sure others will have more ideas for you!


    Thanks, Kitty.  I’ve certainly got some books and DVDs kicking around.  I’ll look into it.

    I’m wondering if there’s any way of selling less tangible stuff though.  Like a blog or something like that.  I’d have no idea how to make money off it though.


    I suppose it depends what youre into. I have two published books and I make a few pennies per copy.

    But a friend of my daughters is a plus size who is into make up and clothes she looks fantastic and shops and companies now offer her clothes or make up or even tickets to events just so that she will talk about them. Its not a classic form of income but it is income of a sort.


    Well, real estate rentals generate passive income as well as other investments.


    [quote quote=207856]Well, real estate rentals generate passive income as well as other investments.

    That’s what I was going to say too 🙂 The only way you can really make any kind of real passive income is through investing.  You can start with something small, and once you get about $10,000 or so built up you’ll really start to notice that you’re making extra money.


    Thanks for all your responses.  TBH though, I was thinking more pocket money type earnings, as I don’t really have any capital.  Something I can do for very little upfront costs.
    I’ve found some websites where I can sell pics, but not sure how much that’s frowned upon?


    eBay is an option or Gumtree.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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