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    To those of you who only wear pads like myself, what brand do you use? How do you like it for long sitting time spans?

    I just got offered a new job in an office where I’ll be doing a lot of sitting at a computer, and there might be times of having to get up and grab a file and sit down again, and as we know, once you stand up, your flow comes out heavy…. I hate standing up and then sitting on it again. I either stay put while at home for a few hours before hitting the bathroom, or I stay on my feet for a while before hitting the bathroom and sitting down.

    My first two or three days can be pretty heavy and fill up one pad within one hour and leak out (so I have to layer up under work pants and deal with leakage issue until I get home at end of day to change). I currently work retail where I’m always on my feet and I have the freedom to run to the restroom whenever I want, but with this office job, I don’t know yet, I’m sure it’d be ok if I gave my reason for hitting the restroom frequently.

    But what do you use that you feel is pretty absorbent and good for long time spans of sitting? I am not comfortable wearing a tampon or cup. I have always used Always brand, the regulars in the yellow package or the super long in green package, but the leakage from heavy folllow goes width out and forward, not backwards where the length goes in the long pads, and as we know, when we stand up, the flow comes out heavy, which can be a problem.

    I’m wondering if I outta deal with trying out the heavier overnight pads, which are not meant for daytime comfort, or try a different brand (I don’t like the infinity line from always, just the original)……. I could try Kotex or Carefree, but don’t want to spend the cost on those to not like it and not use the rest of the purchase, so thus by I ask what brand do you use? I need to use pads with wings and I’ve seen some of the other brands don’t have wings.

    I’m sure someone here has to deal with pad wearing while office sitting/working??



    I’ve always used Always night or plus pads (those made for larger women).  I’ve had to either reposition my underwear or reposition the pads more forward.  I don’t know what else to tell you besides that hitting the restroom often is part of life.

    For about 10 years, my flow was soooo heavy that I eventually became anemic and ended up having emergency surgery and multiple blood transfusions.  So, I know about heavy flows.  What ultimately helped me was the Mirena IUD.  Since I couldn’t take the pill, this was a more localized solution.  I suggest having a discussion with your doc about various options.

    If the job being offered is a step toward your long-term career goals, then go for it.


    <p class=”ui_qtext_para”>The <span class=”qlink_container”>Always Infinity</span></p>

    • On my heaviest days it only takes 3-4 of these pads to get through the whole 24 hours. As opposed to every other pad where I find myself changing it every two hours. by the second day i can use tampon.

    i dont feel uncomfortable sitting in a pad until soaked signaling a trip to the bathroom to change out. tampons are really comfortable no matter what i am doing.


    Thanks for the responses. It’s been a few years since I’ve tried the Infinity pads. I think what I didn’t like about them before is how different they are from the maxi thins (or however they’re labeled). I was so used to using those for so many years, that the Inifinity ones felt so different and seemed less comfortable, but maybe they’ve improved on fit since then. I just tried them again and I see the difference in absorbency, but my flow is different each month. I guess I’ll try those out in the office next month.

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