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Photo fun..

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    I just thought it would be nice to try a photo thread.. Maybe with a little message attached.

    Mine for today is,,, even if the world is upside down its still a beautiful place


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    [attachment file=”Emily and Sloan.jpg”]
    This photo isn’t fun as such, but it does speak volumes to me.


    [attachment file=”Kiss Of Horror.jpg”]
    [attachment file=”Crayon Lips.jpg”]
    [attachment file=”Never Turn Your Back On Madonna.jpeg”]
    A few more photos I love: even though they’re not in your theme today.


    @KItKatKitty, it doesnt have to be my theme.. I just thought we could share some of those pictures that make us happy.. and maybe why.

    I love this I took it a couple of years ago. Really thick mist no noise and then suddenly this guy looms up out of the mist on a raft.. All I could hear in my mind was the Madness tune  Night boat to Cairo!

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    Hi Cassandra, that pic reminds me of Daniel Craig in SPECTRE


    [quote quote=209780]Hi Cassandra, that pic reminds me of Daniel Craig in SPECTRE



    Ive never seen the film so I cant comment but I love how it brings one image to one person and something totally different to another.,


    A few more photos I love:


    [attachment file=”Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow.png”]


    Spring might be in the air but it didnt look or feel that way this morning it was cold cold cold!


    [attachment file=”DSCN5802 – kopie.JPG”]


    [attachment file=”1987 Ashley.jpg”]
    [attachment file=”Kiss Of Horror.jpg”]
    [attachment file=210232]
    [attachment file=”A Dream Of Hell.jpg”]

    A few Hellraiser phtotos!


    [attachment file=”Bath Time small.JPG”]
    [attachment file=”BlackCherry small.JPG”]
    [attachment file=”A Woman Of Colour small.JPG”]

    What are your thoughts on my artwork?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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