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    Would anyone be interested????

    On another forum I’m on someone is doing a 365 project, taking a new photo everyday with a different theme..
    I thought that might be a bit too ambitious but what about 1 a week or 1 a month?

    We could choose a theme or a word to be interpreted through photos.. each member could post their photos on the theme, it would be interesting to see how we each interpret the same word differently..

    Anyone??? 🙂


    ok yeh I will go for that


    Yeah sure! Sounds good to me! 🙂


    Great lets see if anyone else is up for it and then lets think of a theme/word…

    What about rules? one month or one week or spilt it and go for two weeks? should there be a limit on how many photos we can submit? :-/

    Im looking forward to it..To be honest now the kids are grown up my camera is gathering dust and Ive got a digital video camera Ive never used except to test it worked. Ive had that for two years now , what a waste! :red:


    Count me in – I’m always looking for another excuse to get outside and play with my camera.


    Ok well thats at least 4 of us anybody else can just join in as we go..
    If we start off saying one month? It gives us all time to think about the theme and get out and about..Most of us only get time at weekends anyway..

    Now the theme? Who wants to choose something for this month??


    I’m in too, if it’s not too late! 🙂


    Welcome aboard Silvia..

    Now we just have to decide a theme and then I’ll start a new thread in Hobbies, Febuary photo project and lets see what happens…

    Theme Idea Please….. :-S

    Here are a few I know someone else is using on a 365 project ( one photo one theme per day)

    Sweet dreams





    Manuel labour






    I like solitude or sweet dreams. Lots of room for interpretation in those.


    OK everyone… Ive started the project in the hobbies section, so get those cameras out and get clicking..

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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