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    I’ll start:

    1. Sweden
    2. Ireland
    3. Spain
    4. Greece
    5. Lanzarote
    6. Wales

    Plus, various areas around Britain. Such as:

    1. Oxford
    2. London
    3. Birmingham
    4. Devon
    5. Northampton Town
    6. Conventry

    Over to you!


    I’ve lived in:

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Columbus, GA

    Niceville, FL

    Farmington, NM

    Fort Hood, TX

    Los Angeles, CA

    Okinawa, Japan

    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    Savannah, GA

    Lewisburg, TN

    Augsburg, Germany

    Went to college in Munich, Germany

    Boeblingen, Germany

    Colorado Springs, CO


    I’ve traveled to:

    Berlin, back when Germany was divided

    London, England

    Paris, France





    Havana, Cuba



    Various places in the USA, Germany and Austria

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    You are both travelled more worldwide than me lol. I have only been to Majorca and Southern Ireland. I have been to lots more areas in the UK though as I have, I think, been to and mostly toured around every county in the UK except Cornwall, and most of North Wales and The Glasgow area and Stirling in Scotland. I am not one for cities much so I have not been to all the major ones except for those closeby (East Midlands).

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    The real kicker, Jen…

    Outside of the “various other places in the USA, Cuba, Belize and Mexico…all the rest were before I turned 21.  I turned 21 three weeks after arriving here in Colorado Springs.  😮


    What’s Colorado Springs like, TestDummyC? Is the weather gorgeous this time of year?

    Do upload some photos! I’d love seeing your part of the world.


    Today, the temperature was in the 70s…tomorrow night, it’s going to snow…never a dull moment here.  I like that the snow doesn’t stick around for more than a couple of days.  I’ll post once I sort out what I want to upload, Kitty.


    I look forward to those photos, TestDummyC!


    Well I cannot compete with you girls, I have been to Malta, France, Germany, Madeira. Iceland ( beautiful place ) and a romantic 5 days in New York. We don’t travel a lot abroad now just cosy weekend cottages in the UK.


    My brother has travelled far and wide: in fact, most of the world. I cannot compete with him, either! He has been to Iceland himself a few years ago. I know because he sent me a postcard. I’d be interested in a few photos, mikki.

    I don’t tend to do much travelling these days, but may be going to Sweden in the summertime. I do love Sweden: I have fond memories of a child. If any of you get the chance, I’d go to Sweden.

    Which is your favourite place you’ve visited, mikki? Iceland is definitely on my bucket list.


    I havent travelled much at all really mostly just road trips firstly in the uk and now in Netherlands /german borader area and France/Belgium..

    This is the price when you have a partner with terrible fear of flying he gets the shakes when we even get near the airport and I hate boats I get seasick just looking at them.

    Now of course he is ill and our plans to buy a camper and travel have been scrapped so we make do with trips to nearby places and nature reserves.

    My motto enjoy it while you can.. If I could travel my must see places would include machu picchu, Angkor wat , chitchen itza, and maybe the golden temple at Amritsar..


    I’ve never been outside the United States and Canada, and I doubt I ever will.  To be honest, the rest of the world scares me for some reason.

    I’ve lived in Ontario Canada, Georgia, and Michigan.  Georgia was the most beautiful of the three and definitely had the nicest weather.  Ontario is really crowded, I’m not one to enjoy quite so much population density.

    The most beautiful place I’ve traveled to is Banff, Alberta (in the Rocky Mountains) I went there when I was 19, and I went back last year for my honeymoon.  It’s just absolutely perfect.

    I’ve been to a handful of major cities, notably Toronto, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Chicago.  IMO Chicago is the nicest of the three, and it’s wonderful to walk around in.  Washington has a certain charm too, and has a lot of history and landmarks to visit.

    Two places I’d really like to see are New York City and San Francisco.  Maybe one day 🙂


    Geez!  I can’t believe how few pictures I have of Colorado Springs!  I went through all my pictures, and I have many from different areas in Colorado.  Here are a few from Colorado Springs and the surrounding area:

    I snapped this photo of the Garden of the Gods during a “balmy” day in January of 2007.  After having endured subzero temperatures the previous six weeks, I had a major case of cabin fever.


    A picture of Pikes Peak snapped the same day:


    Frozen Helen Hunt falls, taken in January of 2006:


    Water is still flowing underneath the ice:


    Red Rock Canyon:


    Red Rock Canyon, with Garden of the Gods in the background:

    Mass ascension of hot-air balloons at Memorial Park, taken from the overlook at Palmer Park:

    Pikes Peak, taken the same day:

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    Darn it!  I can’t edit the previous post anymore!  The displayed images don’t match what I uploaded in the previous post.

    Here are some more…

    Red Rock Canyon:

    Paint Mines at nearby Calhan (we had some bad weather rolling in):

    View of Colorado Springs from the Cog Railway:


    Colorado Springs as seen from the summit of Pikes Peak:

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    It look like you have some great places for hiking there. Beautiful scenery and completely different to here. I would love to visit!



    That’s beautiful there. That scenery is incredible.

    I’m really glad I started this thread: seeing where you live, TestDummyC, is definitely what I wanted. You must love it there. Colorado Springs is a place I shall visit one day. You are so, so lucky to live there.

    Thank you for sharing your photos: I think you’re living in the right part of America.

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