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Positive news stories

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    In a time when the media is full of miserable news I thought some positive news might be nice.

    This week our little town has had two lovely  stories. The first is a yearly event by local bikers, they dress up in festive clothes and deliver gifts to children in our local hospital.

    The other only came out when a family posted their thanks on social media. An elderly lady did her shopping but when she got to the till she couldn’t remember her pin number. So the shop let her take her shopping home without paying ,,,, she returned later with cash to pay her bill only to be given a bunch of flowers and to be told that the manager had settled her bill ..

    It seems generosity of spirit isn’t dead yet…


    Any positive news from your town or city?

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    Those two stories are wonderful. It shows that many people are generous and kind. I think it is wonderful that people are the way they are, too. And you’re right: it is nice to read good news. Because it can be that there are so many negative news stories on TV, the Internet, etc.

    Thank you for sharing. The old lady is a sweetheart and definitely deserved to be treated so well. There is good in the world – and now it’s Christmas – we have to acknowledge it.

    Merry Christmas!


    Another lovely story.

    People have been hanging coats on Ha’penny bridge in Dublin for homeless people.

    The sign reads if you need one take one if you want to help please hang one up…

    I was shocked two years ago at how the homeless problem had grown in Dublin  based on what I had seen in previous years. I hope people found a little comfort in getting a coat.

    Sound Dubliners hang coats for homeless off the Ha’penny Bridge



    Around this time of year, it’s not uncommon to hear about Secret Santas paying for people’s layaway purchases in the US.  Here’s a story about one Secret Santa who goes out of his way to personalize his gifts.

    Secret Santa surprises couple with $50,000


    Heres another one,  slightly smaller scale than the one @TestDummyCo posted about but a lovely idea all the same..



    It goes to show there ARE people with love in their hearts. We are often given the impression people are mean and whatever: but they are not always.

    A positive outlook is always worth celebrating!


    Last night on our local FB group called ..giving away or trade  I saw a post from someone who had filled 6 carrier bags with Christmas goodies and was offering one to anyone who was finding it hard to make ends meet this year. She said she wouldnt judge but please only ask if you really are in need..

    I just thought it was a wonderful and selfless thing to do.




    The world is not always the dark, evil place some make it out to be: you can read my thread “Good and Evil” for more views on this.

    Anyhow, Christmas is a time of charity and there ARE decent people in the world.

    A very positive and wonderful thread.


    I agree! There are many little things being done by people all over the world. I love to see these.


    Another great story , a local restaurant asked via FB for people to nominate someone they thought deserved a special Christmas treat.

    People responded by nominating friends and neigbours who have had a tough year like the lady who is struggling to bring up two disabled children alone and someone who nominated their neighbour who dispite having lost his wife  still stays cheerful and helpful to everyone around him but never accepts any help himself.  50 of those people nominated  were invited to dine at the restuarant last night and the bill  was on the house…


    And I heard that my blog had made  someone think , so much so that they reached out and offered help.. Even if its only reached  that one person then Im happy..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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