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    An old film, but an utter classic. I watched “Pretty Woman” on DVD last night. I do love that film. I also watched “Coyote Ugly” on DVD. Another film I love and find inspiring.

    What is your favourite romance film? How many times over the years have you watched “Pretty Woman”?

    Just a thread to add interest!


    I do like pretty woman, its corny literal knight in shining amour thing but its fun,

    I also like Notting hill and Love actually but if youre looking for classic I recently saw Brief Encounter on tv again.. Now that is a classic tale of love and desire but with old fashioned morals and constraint…


    I watch You’ve Got Mail at least 2-3 times a year.  Almost any Nora Ephron movie has nearly endless rewatch value.


    I like “Pretty Woman” as well…a modern Pygmalion/My Fair Lady theme.


    Looking at the technology in “Pretty Woman” makes you realize how time moves on. In one scene Richard Gere uses a cell phone: it’s huge and chunky. Today phones are so small. Even the cars in “Coyote Ugly” are ancient: and the film was made in the early 90’s. How car technology has changed!

    Looking back, I am glad to have time move forward and to use all the technology I now use. I am glad car safety has increased in our modern cars. We didn’t have all the safety features back then: and yet we didn’t realize it. Even now electric cars are going to replace all petrol cars. This will be a guarantee in a few years time. EVERYONE will have electric powered cars.

    I realize this is changing the subject matter of the thread, but felt compelled to add these comments!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!

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