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Problematic Blood Test

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    Yesterday – Monday – I went to have a blood test at my nearby medical centre. The poor nurse couldn’t get my vein to pop up: not even on the other arm. So she had to call another nurse – whom she called the vampire LOL – and that nurse did the blood test instead. I just wanted the blood test over and done with. The other nurse who did the blood test was really nice and told me I was doing well. It was only one vial of blood, but I am glad it’s over. Still, I much prefer the other nurse: she knew what she was doing and made me feel at ease.

    It’s done now, so I just need to discuss my blood test results with my doctor next week over the phone. Oh: my doctor popped into the clinic to say hello to me. She recognized my voice, you see. I never miss my medical appointments: not even dental. I am strict about such appointments.


    I’ve always been a “hard case” as far as blood draws go.  Even though it’s a bit more painful, I tell them to take it from my hand.  I’d rather have them stick me only once on the hand vs. five or six times in the arm.  To make things easier, I also drink plenty of water beforehand to plump those veins.


    I have never heard of a blood test being taken from the hand. Still, I can understand when it is necessary. Personally speaking, though, I’d much rather have the needle in my arm. I write this because I have had 100’s of blood tests over the years. I’ve just gotten used to it. I just look away, anyway. Blood doesn’t freak me out. Still, I can’t say I enjoy watching having a needle put in my arm!


    I used to take blood from a pin prick on the thumb. Only a little capilliary tube full though for blood gas tests. In some areas they used to take it from and ear lobe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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