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    I also make mini films out of gameplay, this is a new one I made recently:



    Thats really impressive,,


    Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping now? And also done all the wrapping? AND written all their Christmas cards?

    I have! [Boast alert.]


    No. Final preparations today.


    All done just the poaching pears now cant do them too far in advance.

    Now as long as the weather plays along we have all our plans ready.


    Question: is everyone keeping to their New Year’s resolutions?


    I forgot about making any lol


    I resolved not to make resolutions…so, yes!


    [quote quote=198871]Question: is everyone keeping to their New Year’s resolutions?

    I’m doing well so far!  I’ve been sticking to my new diet, and I’m down 6 pounds!  I’ve also been staying off of alcohol, I haven’t had any since some champagne on New Year’s Eve.


    I wouldn’t say I was strict with myself: because I don’t crave a lot of food. But off the menu is:

    cake/ice cream/biscuits/sweets/chocolate

    This seems severe but I just can’t eat those foods. Steering clear is no problem but I much rather be slim than not.


    I mostly keep clear of those too Kitty, but it’s hard to avoid the temptation when others buy them 😀


    Well, I haven’t succeeded in stopping the chocolate. Nevermind!


    It’s mini Mars Bars and Snickers ATM. Thankfully they’re mini: otherwise I’d be obese!

    Why do shops tempt us so?


    I bought some mini Mars Bars recently Kitty, for my mother. I resisted temptation and only had one lol. She is type II diabetic though and should not really have chocolate, but she is old and semi invalid so does not have many things to cheer her As she is not too badly affected I think it better for her to enjoy something she loves. With her memory, she forgets most things so a packet lasts for a while as she only has them when someone gives her one.


    It is still a lovely gesture to purchase mini Mars Bars for your mother. I realize she is diabetic, but it is the thought that counts. I suppose we all grow older. It is good that you’re still close to your mum, in spite of her memory problems.

    Anyhow, I am rather addicted to chocolate, as you already know. I just cannot help myself. Still, I don’t eat sweets or crisps: that type of food. I eat rather healthily, actually. I don’t just write this for show: it is true. I won’t eat anything that can make me put on weight. However, I do not starve myself or anything like that. I still have common sense. We all do, I think.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)
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