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    Question for everyone on washing,

    1, Do you have either?

    A Just a washing machine

    B Washing machine and tumble dryer

    C  Washing machine and tumble dryer together as a combo.

    2, Do you have a dishwasher?

    A  No

    B Yes



    1: A

    2: A



    1, B

    2, B


    Also nice to see you joining in Rachel

    1.  B
    2.  B
    1. C
    2. A

    If space allowed, I would prefer a separate washing machine and tumble dryer.

    Alas, it isn’t possible where I live, but one can dream!


    Living in a nice place with a warm dry  breeze would be good too as the clothes would be air dried in no time lol


    [quote quote=222121]Living in a nice place with a warm dry breeze would be good too as the clothes would be air dried in no time lol

    We are so lucky to have a flat roof space thats tiled and its there I have my washing line.. Its a space not used for anything else it faces south and gets unbearably hot. But for washing its perfect. I also have an attic room with a south facing window and in winter I often hang clothes over a horse up there and leave the window open they dry nicely without the risk of rain.. There is nothing so wonderful as towels or sheets dried in  natural sunlight

    My dryer is really only a back up for very bad weather or things that might need drying quickly.

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    1. B

    2. B

    The laundry room here is just a closet off the hallway on the main floor, and it’s barely big enough for my machines. I have a rack as a backup, but little place to put it. Maybe we could try it in the summer on our slab of concrete at the back door? (I usually call it a patio to sound better.)

    I love my portable dishwasher! I didn’t think I had room at first, but it’s got a spot in the dining room most of the day, and then we wheel it over to the sink when it’s full. You have to put up with no kitchen tap available and most of the kitchen floor space used up, but it is worth it! I used to spend far too long in the kitchen cleaning up by hand and getting a sore back partway through – plus my guys always acted up during that time… I’d rather put on the machine and have time to spend with them (or more likely, run it at night when the kitchen is empty and then I can relax after getting the guys to bed).


    My dishwasher is due to be fixed soon. It stopped working soon after I answered here! Hopefully a quick fix.

    Interesting fact: the repairman’s daughter lives next door! Once he had my address, he said, “Oh, the nice lady who shovels snow for Alison!” Apparently the good deed was worth mentioning to her parents, hee hee. (Paying it forward – the neighbour who lived in that unit when we moved here would shovel my side of the parking spots quite often. It was a great gift!)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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