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    It is never ok for anyone to hit anyone, regardless of gender. Here, in Liverpool, a girl who had clearly had too much booze, took a swing at the bouncer. He ducked, and lumped her one.

    Some people say self defence. Others say he is a disgrace and should be sacked. What is your opinion?


    To be fair, it’s the daily mail so you’re never sure of whether you’re getting all the facts, but on bare principle: yes.

    He’s a bouncer. He’s trained in self-defence, that’s just part and parcel of his job. He probably acted on instinct.

    Besides, if it had been a man that had taken a swing at him and got hit back, we wouldn’t even be wondering. We’d say ‘well it’s his own damn fault’. We wanted equal rights and with it comes equal responsibility. If I take a crack at a lad for whatever reason, I damn sure expect a retaliation in kind.


    It really depends on circumstance, I think. Papillio perhaps got it right. To survive as a bouncer you probably have to act on instinct and reflex as you never see the knife that gets you in the ribs.

    She was maybe lucky. If it were some other males, or even females, rather than a bouncer she could have got far worse.

    It is not good but they may both learn from the incident and react better.


    Ok ladies thanks for your answers. So…on that basis, was it ok for a man to hit a woman? Some would say if you cant take it, dont dish it out. She went to hit him first. Can she really complain when he hit her back? Or should he have restrained her in some way? It’s a tough one. Clearly there was too much drink involved here. Perhaps she wouldnt have done it otherwise.


    Well, I’ll answer that with pre-D.A life.

    I grew up in a somewhat rough environment and I didn’t manage well with the whole ‘I’m a pretty girl so you must protect me and I’ll give you sex in return’ racket, and I damn sure didn’t manage the ‘I’ll sit back and let you do whatever’ racket, so I got into sports which meant I was both strong and had a lot more exposure to the lads at my school than most girls did.

    Basically I grew up fighting my corner. If a guy at my school felt me up, chances were I’d smack him one and chances were he’d smack me back unless I got out of the way quick. I’d expect it. If we got into an argument and I hit first (which was, admittedly rare) I worked on the assumption that he/they wouldn’t hit me back – and they did.

    Equal rights, equal responsibilities, equal consequences. It’s a bit double-standarded to expect equal treatment and equal rights, but then hide behind your gender when you’re being a drunken twat and hit a bouncer!


    If it had been a man who’d hit the bouncer there’d be no news coverage. People would say “He got what he deserved”. The fact it was a woman is irrelevant to me: she hit him first. I’m not saying anyone “deserves” to be hit, but the bouncer was reacting on instinct and doing his job. She hid behind her gender and couldn’t accept she was the one at fault.And I do think she started the situation and has to accept what the consequences are.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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