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    For me: like.

    I always have a book on-the-go and always will. I always finish the book before starting another, too. I borrow the majority of my books from my local library. Reading is a hobby of mine and I am passionate about reading books. In fact, I also enjoy reading magazines. I stick to older women’s magazines now: Cosmo doesn’t fit anymore. Plus, I feel it lost its soul years ago. It used to be such a  brilliant magazine, but not anymore. I like “Woman & Home” and “Good Housekeeping” now. I have a passion for magazines.

    Over to you.


    Love love love them…. I cant read onscreen for very long so books are a must. I love the way they smell I love the various typeface and the quality of paper used just holding a familiar book is like holding hands with an old friend..


    Unfortunately, I don’t read much for pleasure…except this forum.  I normally have time for just the news and various books related to my profession.


    I am a bit like Test here as I read quite a lot of technical material, but I do have a pile of fiction that I work through. I usually go to the local book exchange – an old telephone box – or charity shops. My books vary quite a lot as I read a wide range from teenage through romantic to action and crime thrillers. I picked up a couple of George Orwell’s the other day. “Burmese Days” and “the Clergyman’s Daughter”. He is one of my favourite authors. I have read the well known “Animal Farm” and “1984” but only one of his other books, all of which I enjoyed.


    I’m constantly reading, often I’ll have three books on the go at once.  I’m a member of two book clubs, which keeps me busy.  I don’t like digital books and I still buy mine in print 🙂


    I read women’s mags but they are just really advertising clothes or perfume that you cannot afford, that is why this forum is so useful. I do read books as well especially LEE CHILD and any number of crime thrillers. Romance does it for me too although hubby always ridicules me a bit for reading them lol.


    I love women’s magazines, mikki. I have been reading magazines since 14 years old. I went from Just 17 to Sugar, then to Cosmo Girl, Company, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan. Now it is “Woman & Home” and “Good Housekeeping”. I have a real passion for magazines.

    As for books: I prefer real books – paperback. I love the feel of them in my hands and the smell of them. I can’t read from a Kindle: it doesn’t feel real and genuine. No: paperbacks are what I always read.

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    Hi Kitty, I know what you mean about ladies magazines, I do get the odd one now and again but I like real life stories to read now and again. I agree about books they are nice to hold and I am careful to keep mine looking new and don’t bend the covers back.

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