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    Thank you for that last comment… i swear my man is not like any other man… he would never cheat on me bc he has morals and pride. He won’t leave me bc he doesn’t like to fail. I feel he sees nothing in me. example…were at the casino, hoping to find a unicorn, he has no affection for only me one night, or hates me for no reason the next.


    have you discussed this with him? does he show any appeal towards one of your friends that you can trust to be totally sexual with him? test your beliefs and opportunities by having her around him a lot  best if you find someone who is sexually exciting to him than do nothing but worry.


    Honestly… he isn’t a man to cheat on me at all… but his time he spends with me is bad bc he doesnt treat me like he treats everyone else… he’s never happy and in my opinion he hates me. I can’t explain it. Why is he with me if he hates me? That’s why i suggest another woman with us.

    He is the best man any girl can get… Im sooo lucky and im killing myself inside bc this man loves me but may not be in love with me and that scares me to death…


    it would not be cheating if you both agree to an open relationship. why do you believe he does not love you? everything you say here indicates that he does. if you hook him up with a trustworthy friend chances of him leaving you will be lessened. you may be opening a door you will find was a mistake in the future. why not just enjoy your time with him?


    No.   i want to make it an experience for us together… and i do like girls, but whats stops me is that i see no attraction from him to me…. How can i do what i want and give him what i wants like Bonnie and Clyde in terms of sex when i feel like he hates me all the time….


    what stands out is not so much the sexual relationship between Bonnie and Clyde, but the lack thereof. From their very first encounter, Clyde announces to Bonnie that he “ain’t no lover boy” and suggests that if that’s what she wants, then he doesn’t need her and she should move along now.

    seems you are already are experiencing a Bonnie and Clyde relationship with your partner.

    perhaps if you agree to open relationship and you have passion with a woman he will show you the jealousy and sexuality you yearn for.

    I am still unconvinced he doesn’t love you and shows no indication of hatred  from your narratives.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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