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    I just finished reading the article on this subject and it was particularly interesting to me as myself and a male colleague have been flirting for a number of weeks. I am not sure how far to take this, or even if I want to take it any further. After all, what would the consequence be for both of us when our students find out that two of their teachers are dating? Should relationships at work be seen differently when you work with children or in another environment that includes impressionable young adults?


    Hmmm it’s a difficult one, and you may want to double check your contract to see if there is any mention of relationships with colleagues. I would suggest it best you try to avoid a romantic situation with any co-worker, but of course love can develop at work. If this happens,just make sure you remain profesional and don’t flirt or act romantically in public.

    As for openly publicising your relationship, that is entirely up to you.


    Depends on what the rules at work are.

    Some places ban relationships…others are okay with it as long as it’s discreet.

    Apart from that…it’s really nobody’s business.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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