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Robbed because we are ballerinas we defend ourself!

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    I am Isabelle, 28 years old from Belgium.At first, I must apologize for my terrible english, I hope it will not burn your eyes, I try my best.

    I am vegan but by this thread I just wanted to warn you about what happened to us recently… I follow ballerina lessons for adult since 4 years now.

    So it was the end of the lesson, so as usual, I walk to the dressing room. I was with 3 others ballerinas. I opened the door and saw a man holding my handbags and some others. It has took me few seconds to realise what’s going on until I yell at him.

    His only escape was the door I just opened so he ran on our direction and tried to push us.We catch his arm and he punch me in the face!

    We punch him back and pushing him into the dressing room. We were 4 versus him and we surrounding him. We heat him as we could with punch, kick, knee kick…and he quickly he fall to the ground. We kicked him again and he curl on himself asking us to stop…

    The rest of the student came to help us but he was done already. The teacher tie his hands behind the back. I took in his pocket his phone and wallet to be sure he s not trying to escape while some students called the police.

    We keep him kneeldown like this and the teacher started to question him. She made him admit that he is a drug addict and he did that to pay his product. He admit also it was not the first time and he target only kid dressing room, ballerinas and gymnastic dressing room or old person doing yoga!! We were shocked that he targetting us just because we are dancers!

    After maybe 15 minutes, police came to take him. He was not in good shape. Because of the fight due to police station, he has 2 broken ribs and a “black eye” on half of his face. I just have a little bruise on my face and others dancers just on their arms.

    I just wanted to warn you if there is any dancers in this forum. I really hope that behaviour was due to a crazy man and not from a new “vague of crime” targetting specially dancers.


    Welcome and thank you Isabelle x

    Drug addicts will always try to find easy money and targets. Dressing rooms have always been seen as a soft target as people have to leave whatever they carry somewhere.

    I am glad that you caught him. Maybe that will teach him and the word will get round that you are not an easy target.


    I agree with SpinningJen: I am glad you caught him and taught him a lesson. He, obviously, had no right to rob your dance group. You are definitely NOT an easy target and now people will know so. Anyhow, I am sorry he punched you in the face: I hope you’re not in too much pain now. But good on you and your fellow dancers!


    Hello and thanks for yours answers,


    For the punch I receive, it’s ok I used to handle much more pain with our training, even if, of course, im not used to get punch in the face… For him it has not been the same because he took a serious beating. The teacher and rest of the group did stop us kicking him. It was a good thing because he could have result to serious permanent damages…

    The pain is now not really physical but psychologicly. I confess I feel pretty unsecure now and nervous all the time.I hope that time will cure that




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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