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    Do you like sales? I never missed any sale 🙂 I always know where when and how passes sale, I usually have some invitations to a closed sale. On the next weekends I’ll go to a such one 🙂
    All my friend know, that if they need a spesial ticket on the sale, they might ask me about 😉
    Here is the same as I lovers sales? 🙂


    To be honest Sova, no not really. I,ll only go to a sale if there is something I especially want. I,m not one of these people who will queue for hours on end just to get a bargain.
    Or even those people who actually camp out in the street the night before just so they can get in before everyone else.


    I have never been to the ‘January sales’ in my life

    Maybe now and then I have bought something in Jan and got a discount, but it’s always something I would have bought anyway.

    The crowds and the thought of waiting in line for aaaages puts me right off.


    No not me, the crowds and lining up and waiting …none of that appeal to me at all 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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