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    Hi. I hope I am not duplicating here but I could not see anything else. What does everyone think about school re-unions. I went to one last evening. A brilliant night, but with very mixed feelings. I can remember being at school with everyone so young and carefree. Happily most were still carefree, but obviously looking so much older. All in all it was a positive experience for me, and I am glad I went.

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    I have only been removed from High School 3 years so I have not had one yet.

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    Even though I didn’t meet all the rest of my graduating class, I’m glad that I attended mine as well.  It was nice being in the company of other overseas brats and sharing our experiences.

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    I haven’t kept in touch with a single person I went to highschool with, but I feel it’d be so lovely to go to a reunion and see everyone.  I graduated in 2000 so I might have a 20 year coming up maybe, but oh dear I hope someone can find me!

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    One thing that was mentioned at the re-union more than once was that it was difficult to find the female class members as most had now changed their surnames when they got married. As many of our class now live all over the world it makes finding some people almost impossible, but social media helps a lot. I still live relatively local to school, and am in contact with some schoolfriends, so not too much of a problem for me. I am not sure whether I would have travelled a long way if I had to though.


    Hi Jen, just tried uploading a different painting of mine, a stylised  seascape.

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    That’s lovely Mikki. I see a really moody looking sea and sky. I shall have to try something like that. I don’t think I have ever done anything with those type of emotions.


    I’ve never attended a school reunion. Things have changed so much for me that I am a completely new person. I like it that way and have no desire to go back to the dark old days.

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    I do know some of those I went to school with Rhonda, so it was not really such a big step. My main thinking though was that it was an opportunity which would maybe not present itself again. As many came a distance it was an occasion that would be unlikely to have ongoing consequences either, if it was upsetting. Would I regret not going more than going? I see your point though, and living far away from where you were at school would be a decider (at least for me).

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