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    My Christmas sweater picture, I got a lot of love for this one.

    I took this recently, and I’m happy with how it turned out … even if my hair is a mess, lol.

    I took this one yesterday at Panera, trying to look super sexy (I like sending these kinds of pics to my hubby while he’s at work)

    I hope I’m not the only one who will share!

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    …such big, beautiful, blue eyes.  Very nice, Mamie!

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    You are very photogenic. I love the sweater!


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    I think you look great in your selfies the messy hair one looks very fun..

    There are very few photos of me at all but I liked this one I took while I was on a walk in November, it looked nice outside but it was soooo cold out that day hence the huge parka..


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    Thanks Cassandra, and great picture! 🙂



    It looks lovely there Cassandra! It reminds me of yesterday. I visited someone on the fens east of Peterborough here in the UK. The road I travelled on had only just recently been opened and there were still flooded fields, complete with Swans, on either side. More like wetlands! The rain has taken it’s toll. Here is a fairly recent one of me out in the fields. Not having a smartphone means I have few selfies either:

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    @spinningjen  that looks much like our countryside.  I love seeing such wide views and open skies..


    Dont forget if its clear tonight we have a lunar eclipse..

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    Where I live is very much like that. There are other parts closeby which are more wooded but only in small patches. In the other areas withing walking distance it is more hilly but nothing to speak of. It’s mostly arable land these days but there are some flocks of sheep and a few horses. Cows are getting pretty rare now.

    I love to get out around the countryside. It’s still possible to get out at times and hardly see another person and the nearest house is a mile away. Not quite the wilds but beautiful anyway.

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    The eclipse last night was a penumbral lunar eclipse meaning the sun earth and moon were all perfectly aligned. The views from here were stunning.

    At one point I did question my sanity standing in the freezing cold taking photos of the moon. But then I was reminded of something a lady from New York said about hardly ever seeing the moon and never seeing stars because she was surrounded by high rise buldings and there was too much light pollution and I realised just how lucky I am to have this view.. It started out clear then became and orangey blush and then cleared into a blue grey colour..


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    I had my hair cut off today. I’m feeling cute.

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    You’re gorgeous, Mamie!

    Definitely great pictures!

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    Thanks KitKatKitty! <3


    Me yesterday after getting a facial at my spa (my hair was crazy, I did the best I could in the ladies’ room)

    I took this one today, I don’t know why but I just felt like it.

    This is what I’m using for my profile picture.  I’ve also made it my corporate picture at work.

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    Lovely photographs! How many bad ones do you get Mamie as well as these really good ones? I wonder as with my art references I take only about one in ten is of any use at all.

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    Jen, I feel like I need a hundred photos to get a halfway decent one. And I need a hindred of those to get a nice one.

    lol I’m exaggerating (just a little), but I do nonetheless have quite a massive collection of truly awful photos XD

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