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    This topic may have come up before but I’m at work and I can’t search through all of the topics. My husband and I are separating this summer. I work as a teachers aide which means I make nothing LOL. I have two young children. I have never lived on my own and I don’t make enough to support myself. I have no idea where to start. I do not have any family members that I can move in with either.

    Everywoman I know that separates from their husband has family members they can move in with or they have a career where they can support themselves. So I’m not hearing from anyone in my circle that is in my shoes. Have any of you gone to this or have you known anyone who has been completely broke and trying to move out on their own with their children?



    if you and your spouse remain married but live separate and apart, he still be required to pay child and spousal support. In the separation agreement, the custodial parent would file a motion in court that seeks a decree for child and spousal support and would serve that motion on the noncustodial parent. The judge would set an amount consistent with needs and ability to pay.

    You need to get a good lawyer asap. Courts favor female custodians receiving majority allowances of family income and assets distribution not the male noncustodian.

    He should be one moving out of the family home not you.

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    I think most western countries would require him to provide some financial support, more so when divorced, but a lot my depend on where you are. Rabbithabit has it – get some legal advice. It can seem a bit daunting, but you need help, particularly with the children.


    Well, we are both moving out. We rent a house at the moment. We are going to just tell them we don’t want to sign the lease again. He is moving in with his mom.

    I literally have no place to go at the moment. I make $900./month. He makes $3-4k/ month.

    We figured we could fill out the separation agreements ourselves and bring it to a judge. My friends lawer charged $25 thousand after all was said and done…we don’t have that.

    I don’t know if, until the court docs go through, if I should legally separate from him and start getting financial help from the gvt? or, what. Rent in Vegas for a 1 bedroom  apt starts at $800/month…That’s literally my entire paycheck.


    You can public defense lawyer free from country. Yo will not qualify for welfare if you voluntarily waiver spousal and child support in court filing for legal separation. Welfare is for people with no sources of income Husband should pay at leat half his income to you for spousal an child support. Most courts will award 67-75% husband income to wife and children. 

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    I second both of rabbithabit’s posts. She’s hit the nail on the head.


    I  got a divorce from my ex husband 25 years ago and I agree with rabbithabit  that the first thing you need to do is consult with a lawyer.  I also agree that your husband is the one that should be looking elsewhere for a place to live as the main concern is to keep a place to live for the children and they will be staying with you. Now when I got a divorce from my husband my son was 15 years old, but he still had to pay child support until my son became a legal adult. I also agree that more than likely the children will be placed with you making it more important that you remain in the current home and your husband more out and look for a new place to live.


    Just to say, TWYMMF2018, you CAN survive living on your own. I do it myself: and don’t forget when there are issues [like damp in your apartment or whatever] your neighbours can assist. You are not completely on your own. You CAN live a successful life without your husband to take care of the bills, etc. Use resources available to you and believe in yourself. And – again – rabbithabit has the right advice [which she always does]. You can be a brave and strong person, so don’t doubt it. If you need help when on your own, ask for help like you have here.

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