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Serious Bus Incident

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    This is shocking. You never think it can happen: but it has.

    I hope the bus driver is OK and all the children recover.


    First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured.

    Second, I’d like to note that the British version of MSN allows comments!  MSN disabled comments in the US version years ago.

    Thirdly…more of a question…does the British press follow up with these stories?  There are a few unanswered questions here:

    1. Was this a bus that is normally used to drive schoolchildren?  (unfamiliar bus)
    2. Did this happen on the way to a special event for schoolchildren?  (unknown route)
    3. If this happened on a usual route with the usual bus, was the bus driver new?
    4. What about max-height warnings?  I see none posted.

    One of the things that I despise about modern journalism in the US is that being the first to report is apparently most important.  Fact checking and follow-through seemed to have fallen by the wayside…the five Ws…Who, when, when, where, why?


    I hope they all recover Ok. I am surprised over the number of bus incidents that have happened over the years as things like the school run should be routine but I remember one locally here just a few years back. It did not involve a bridge though.

    Over the years there have often been accidents with low bridges. Several have involved buses. There is a well know one of Lincoln with a bus attempting to go under a Roman arch. The road bi-passes the arch now.

    I looked on a streetview app. The low bridge sign is missing from the pictured direction. If you navigate to the other side you will see it on the bridge over the middle of the road. Often there is also one at a distance from the bridge too warning of it being ahead. I did not look for that one. I expect it can be blamed somewhat on cuts as to it not being replaced (ie these things are not checked). There may also be confusion here as it appears to be a railway bridge so the actual signage may be the responsibility of the railways hence principally ‘Network Rail’ rather than the county council. The railways here are a law unto themselves.


    Awful accident and I hope the children all recover. In our town there were a sudden number of accidents with lorries trying to go under one particular bridge at first no one could understand why then they realised it was navigation systems directing the drivers.. The sat nav didnt regester the low bridge or the height of the lorry.



    Those are good questions, TestDummyC. I am not able to answer them, but someone out there should: and must with urgency.

    That is awful, cassandra: I hope authorities resolve the situation. The Sat Nav should register a low bridge and the height of a lorry. Again, authorities must sort out that Sat Nav and its functions to prevent road accidents like that happening.


    The trouble with Sat Nav’s is that they are provided by private comapnies and, as far as I know, don’t have to follow any standard. To the majorety ovf vehicles the bridge would not be a problem either. Really it is up to the bus company to determine any problem with their route, and finally the driver to know what he is doing. The last I read , they were wanting to trace the driver of a particular car so maybe there is more to this although I do wonder how anything a car may do would make a difference to a bus driver making the mistake of trying to get under a bridge that is too low.

    As an extra from my previous post I have just noticed on a BBC video of the scene that the height warning triangle sign is fixed to the bridge in the direction of travel. This just shows how misleading looking at old images of a scene can be as the original Google one appears out of date. It also means that the driver may have little excuse.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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