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    Hi girls,

    I’ve been moving around a lot, and I really love the place where I am now.
    However, my first year here was extremely difficult, during which I have gained a lot of weight. Since then (2 years later) I have been trying to lose this weight, with not much success.
    I’m working out quite a lot (3-4 times/week), but there is no difference in my weight and measurements (sometimes I get even heavier…).
    I know that my greatest problem is my eating habits – I spend a lot of time at work and school, not having the time to prepare good food in advance or eating properly during the day. When I get home, I am starving, and therefore eat A LOT. Right before going to bed. :smirk:
    I also eat when I am bored, sad, happy, healthy, sick, hungry, full, productive, lazy, etc.

    They say that when working on losing weight TOGETHER with somebody, you triple your chances for success!
    I was thinking we could use this place to support each other, share experiences, progresses, and maybe some tricks we have discovered that work.

    So I am taking this journey now, and I hope you will join me! 🙂


    What type of eating plan are you on me…. I’m happy to be on the journey with you not that I have much to lose… put on a few ks on holiday so decided to go the health route; for now I have basically cut back on carbs which always works for me.

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    How forutitous! My husband and I are going to a gym’s open day tomorrow. Its a 24 hour place, so if we sign up I won’t be able to use the kids as an excuse not to go!

    I’d love to kick 10-15 kg that have been hanging around my stomach and hips since before my 4 year old was born! I think my problem is eating habits too, mostly giving in to cravings, or just finishing whats on my plate even though I’m already satisfied…


    I’ve heard writing down one’s intake on a daily basis helps…. perhaps we should give it a go – what you say girls!

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    Sounds great! I think having to write it down would make me think twice about having that extra biscuit! 🙂


    When should we start :question:… ME what do you think of the idea!

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    Well I want to losw 20lb so we have gone on not a diet but a more healthy eating method, can’t do a lot of exercise but I’m with you all.


    Mate I’m in. I still have quite a bit to go for my wedding! Useful tip? Try for your food diary – it’s actually made a big difference to what I’m eating, and more specifically, how much of it I’m eating. Plus I found that it showed I was eating wayyy to much in fat, but no where near enough in protein so I mended that little habit!

    Also, be careful you’re not gaining muscle without losing fat or you will gain weight – I know I gain muscle easily! I tend to stick to cardio-workouts like dance classes and stuff. For muscle I use pop pilates on youtube, run by Cassie. Lovely lass, she really keeps you motivated, only expect her classes to make you hurt afterwards especially around the stomach!

    Good luck girls.

    Oh and on record, my current weight is 96Kg, my goal by the end of July would be 75Kg, but a muscly/toned one, not a skinny one 😉


    LadyCaz, if my memory serves me correctly you are quite experienced in this area. Would it be encouraging if we listed our daily intake here…. in that way take stock of what we’re eating, should be and/or shouldn’t …. share variety of menu’s – if you know what I mean lol I find the biggest challenge for me is the monotony of the food!

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    well I am no expert I first tried weight watchers it wasn’t right but gave me the ideas of what foods to have, the main trick is eat fresh, take time to prepare food rather than quick meals that way it is not as easy to grab it, if you can’t resist it do not have it in the house, eat smaller portions and always leave a forkfull, chew well and above all be adverturious so its not boring. I think a good idea would be if you try something and its good write it down here.


    I agree, food can get very monotonous, so some interesting and healthy meal ideas would be nice.

    Good tips Caz, for some reason I have been craving ice cream, the only thing in the freezer is hubby’s boring vanilla, if I had some chocolate sauce to put on it it would be gone, like you said though if you don’t have it, you can’t eat it.:ohh:


    Ja, great advice LC…. the prep is where I fail hopelessly….. eating off a side plate used to work for me….. psychologically lol



    Status report:

    – Downloaded the myfitnesspal app last night – that’s really great! I still have 470 calories allowed for today, so… I might spoil myself with something small and sweet (although I understand that it is not a good idea…)

    – have been walking around with a pedometer (they say that in order to keep in good shape you should make 10,000 steps per day). This helps me quantify my regular daily activity. I have around the 4,000, not including the times I go for a workout.

    – My start point is about 92kg, and I am hoping to get it down to 75 (just like Papillio)


    A guy that used to be chubby and now in a GREAT shape gave my a simple tip about eating: “I don’t eat things that do not have nutritional values that will be beneficial to my body. I mean… What’s the point?”
    So now, when I’m standing in line in a Coffee shop, I no longer take the scone – it’s just doe! And then when I think about it some more, I realize that it’s not that good anyway…




    I have a fitness assessment with a personal trainer on Wednesday night, but I think I’ll be doing mostly cardio work, with a little bit of weights for toning. At the moment I weigh about 75kg, but as I am quite short and have a small frame I am hoping to get down to about 63kg. Much more than that and I would be a stick with boobs. 😉

    Currently downloading the myfitnesspal app, I noticed that you can add friends on there, so maybe this is something else we could do for those using this app/website?

    Going to beg my husband to buy me the Zumba game for Xbox Kinect, cause that’s something I can do at home with my older boy while his brother is napping.

    Really excited about this ladies! 🙂


    WhooHoo Elli… let the journey begin! Your excitement is quite contagious lol… haven’t felt this enthusiastic about dieting in a long time haha.

    On the exercise front… I cycle every morning so I’ll stick with that and will step up playing more golf and refrain from using a golf cart :ohh:

    A tip I got many years ago was to eat no later than 7pm of an evening and to restrict carbs to during the day and drink +_ 8 glasses of water a day.

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