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    Hello ladies! I came across an article yesterday that I meant to post in here but forgot! –

    A 20 minute workout to get totally toned?! Sign me up! This is the insanity website if you want to check it out-

    I will be trying this out once I finish the Les Mills dvds. 🙂


    WOW…. I’d end up prostrate permanently 😆 Let us know know how you fair.


    I know this is an old, old topic but I am hoping we can revive this because it is so helpful.

    Keeping track of calories is a pain

    Joining the Gym can be expensive and time consuming.

    So we can try this first:

    • walk at fast pace 1 hr a day when weather permits
    • If the weather is not agreeable, turn on your favorite music and dance or turn on your youtube and Zumba
    • Stay away from anything sweet and this includes fruits like grapes.
    • cut your carb down to half your regular portion and only have it 3 times a week
    • continue to eat what you like but cut down the portion into 2/3 in the first week then half the second week.
    • Find a physically active hobby, even walking around the mall.


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    That sounds good annelee!

    I am not doing too bad with the food but my exercise has lapsed of late


    Be happy. 🙂


    I do these:

    Only have 1 bag of crisps a week

    I avoid cake and ice cream

    I avoid biscuits

    I have takeaway seldom

    I avoid sweets and only have a few pieces of chocolate if I’m craving a sweet treat

    I eat vegetables each night for dinner and have lean meat

    I only eat when I’m hungry

    I do a lot of walking

    That’s how I do it.


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Viewing 9 posts - 361 through 369 (of 369 total)

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