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    When you go shopping, do you make a list and stick to it? Or do you wander around like I did today and get things simply because they are on offer? I didnt get anything I didnt actually need, but I went a wee bit over the top and spent a bit more than I intended too. Troulbe with me is I think: “oooo that looks nice I,ll try some of that” . Still, at least I,ve got plenty on standby now. Honestly you,d think there was a war on lol. 😆 😆


    I don’t have a shopping list, I try to remember what I need. However very often I will go into the supermarket and come away with more than I expected as well as the higher bill to match and find I forgot something that we were completely out of.

    My fiancee always uses a list, and tells me I need to do the same but I think I am just too lazy!


    I try to make shopping list, but sometimes forget it at home 🙂 Shopping list is very important for me, without it I can buy a lot of unnecessary things, and no one thing I actually need 🙂


    I usually make a list, to stop me forgetting things – taking a couple of toddlers round a supermarket is enough to make you forget everything!

    I always end up picking up extras though, I like seeing what offers are on.


    I only have a list of things that we are completely out of to make sure I definitely dont forget those things. If I wrote down everything for the family shop, I would be writing a book each week!


    One of the advantages of living alone is that I only have to buy things for myself so the weekly shop isn’t too big. As a result, I rarely write out a shopping list, however I have felt the frustration of forgetting something more than once!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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