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    Hi everyone

    As Female Forum grows, it is inevitable that we will start to see men join the community. Female Forum’s aim is to be the most comprehensive and intuitive online community for women. I want to know if you think we can achieve this aim if we allow men to join and get involved.

    On the one hand, I think a small number of male members may help balance debate and conversations. On the other hand, I appreciate that first and foremost this is a community for women.

    Therefore, I would appreciate it if we could discuss and resolve this issue over the coming days and weeks.

    Should we allow men to join Female Forum? Please share your thoughts and opinions here; you help shape the direction of this community. Please ensure your voice is heard.

    Thank you.


    Well, in all honesty, I can’t see many men signing up to joine something titled ‘female forum’ 😆

    But if any do…I woudl make them welcome. We can’t ban them (discrimination issues etc) and I really don’t have a problem with anyone who wants to join.

    Everyone welcome as far as I’m concerned 🙂


    I think the title female forum would put men off a bit to be honest, It would not bother me to see men joining I just don’t see it happening.

    I would quite like to see a few more male perspectives on some of our topics.


    this is a sticky topic for sure.

    having a mans opinion/perspective on certain topics would be nice, however, if we really need to know there are many sites like that answer many questions females have. Its a very interesting site.

    I think this forum is made just for women in general and maybe some members wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about certain issues if they knew a man was reading and commenting.

    A male forum should be started perhaps,giving them the opportunity to put their feelings out there and share with other men. I personally wouldnt feel comfortable with a man whom I don’t know commenting after me on a post.

    There shouldnt be issues about discrimination if there is a forum for men to go to.


    its a no from me for men joining sorry x


    I like the idea of having just female in the female forum however it doesnt really bother me either way.


    To be honest it really wouldn’t bother me one way or the other so if they (men) think that they can match it with the best we have to offer then bring it on I say..:lol:


    Well at first I wasn,t too bothered because I thought that a male perspective on some topics might be a good thing, however this is essentially a forum for women and I think that some of the ladies may not feel totally comfortable discussing certain personal “womens issues” if they know that men can read their comments as well.

    Plus, if we do allow men, won,t the name of the forum have to be changed? If men are to be allowed as well it won,t just be “Female Forum” any more will it?

    I think that I like it just the way it is with us gals. No offence guys, but there are plenty of places just for you on the net and I think that I,d like Female to stay just for Females.


    you make valid points souixi, its the personal issues i wouldnt post. now of course i am not naive enough to think that men dont read the forum of course there are probably some, but i dont have to ‘face’ them if that makes sense lol xx


    I suppose if a man wanted to join there would be no way of stopping him but I have changed my mind I like this place just 4 us gals


    That’s what I was thinking kezflake. What are we going to do? Send Martin to do a gender verification on everyone? If a man comes in here acting brutish, he can be banned for trolling… I guess just as if a female shows up acting brutish, she could also get banned for trolling. And as for just reading, again, how would we know?

    Agreed that the title is probably enough to keep most men away.


    i wouldnt mind men in here provided their lipsticks not too bright and their skirts too short


    hehehe blackkettle good point in all honesty. I say that because you touched a note with me in that a man who wore a skirt and lipstick may well put a very interesting take on some of our topics of discussion. (edited to express myself clearer.)

    I know that while men can come and read whats posted here on the forum there are actually blocked sections for non-members as in the sex forum – so they don’t that see the section. I know that we can’t ban men and I wouldn’t really want to if any male was particularly wanting to join and those that would go to the trouble of doing that, particularly considering the name of the forum and content I’m sure wouldn’t be joining just to wreck havoc. But I know I wouldn’t post in some of the threads if there were male members.

    I don’t know the real reason for it, I guess its just a matter of not wanting to be sneered at or ridiculed – have had years of battering over pms and just plain being female. Its nice to have a place to go where you know that’s not going to happen.


    Thanks for all your opinions. Based on your feedback, I have made the decision that Female Forum is to be a community solely for women.

    This is now made clear on our registration page and in our site terms. Perhaps in the future we can allow men to join but only grant them access to one specific ‘mixed’ section of the forums. I’ll leave that up to member demand, but in the meantime we’ll remain female only.

    Of course, please be aware that although Female Forum is only for women, members may not be who they say there are. Please read our safety advice for more information.


    I don’t have a problem with it in theory (after all martin is a man!); if they’re the kind of chaps who are interested in joining something called ‘FEMALE forum’ then they’re either interested in learning more about women – which can’t be a bad thing – or they’re potential troublemakers, but you get those on just about every forum I’ve ever seen anyway.

    I’d rather keep it just women but I appreciate that most posts apart from a few resricted forums can be read by anyone anyway!

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