Should Men be Allowed to Join Female Forum?

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    I’d think its not an issue for men to be here, so long as they are respectful and give good insight. If they are here just to fight and argue — then they should leave.


    I have to say, I’d probably feel a little uncomfortable if men were able to access the site freely. I dont mind the few men we have because they are generally thoughful and compassionate people. But somethings I talk about on here, I could see a rather unthinking bloke put his foot in it and end up upsetting someone, or be very dismissive


    In a way you are right Papillo, besides martin there is my lesser half jim, he rarely posts and if he does it is often some technical thing that answers general stuff but anythime he wishes to answer anyone he always asks me to check the reply, then there is jellybean, I know him for a while online and he also is very respectful and only tends to answer to either help with a male point of view or say something nice about others the rest ive not seen


    I am a new member to Female Forum and new to forums in general. So, my opinion on this subject may be a little less knowledgeable than some of the others.

    I think there may be some women who, for personal reasons, may feel safer having a forum to converse only with women. I am sure that there are many intelligent, interesting forums where men and women are both encouraged to join. For a woman or man who would like to speak freely with other men and women on those forums, I imagine that person may do so.

    There are some women who may benefit from a women’s forum, to share personal stories and get advice, who may feel safer only with other women. There may also be some men who for personal reasons may feel safer sharing their thoughts in a forum with only men. I, personally, would not be offended by a forum for men only.

    That being said, the few men who are already posting on this forum seem empathetic, and I feel safe to exchange ideas with them as well as the women : )


    Thank you, I tend only to post now if asked and also make sure LadyCaz vets my comments first, I will also post as like today when I feel I need to. In additon will also help any who ask.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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