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Shoutout to Crystal(TestDummyCO)

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    Crystal, I just wanted to say you went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable on here my first full day. I really enjoyed our chats we had in Private Message and the threads. You have such a great personality which made it very easy to chat with on my 1st full day. And come to think of it you did all this while being sick. I hope you are feeling better and work isn’t getting you down too much today.



    Awww…  Thank YOU, Nicole!  I really meant it when I said that was the best sick day ever.

    Normally, I would have just laid around on the couch, half-sleeping/half-watching TV, feeling miserable and cursing my hubby for passing me this crud.  So, it was a great pleasure to spend it chatting with such a charming young woman.

    I AM feeling better…thank you.  I returned to a rather chaotic situation at work, though.  It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy, right?


    Glad you are feeling better today and made it through work. I look forward to more chats with you possibly this weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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