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    Would you buy this latest “must have” for wrinkles? It,s this new wonder face cream made with snake venom. It,s not cheap either: 60 quid for a 30ml bottle!! :ahhh: Would you buy it? Do you worry about a few wrinkles or the odd stretch mark and would go to any length, no expense spared to do something about it? Or are you happy to let nature take it,s course and not worry about it.


    I Dont Think I Could Use It, Sounds Like Load Of Rubbish + A Lot Of Money!! I Dont Use Anything My Mum Swears By Olay, Mums 76 And She Looks Good On It !


    Oh, knowing me I would be the one person who got a dodgy tub with 0.0001ml of too much venom in it…and I’d have a reaction and my skin would peel off.., 😆

    tbh, if I could easily afford £60 every month for a pot, I probably would buy it to see if it worked…..

    Luckily my family don’t seem to have the ‘uber wrinkly’ gene. My mum has hardly any and she’s in her 50’s. So hopefully I will take after them and my L’oreal or Oil of Olay at £15 a pot will be enough 😆

    Wrinkles tell our life story – we need to learn to live with them to an extent.


    I use good old ponds day cream. A good wash with a bit of dove soap and slap the old ponds on and you can,t go wrong.
    I,m with you Annie, I think it,s a waste of money. Some women seem to be absolutly terrified of getting old and getting a few wrinkles. I couldn,t care less.


    I use Dove soap, and Olay moisturiser. Other stuff is just too expensive. Having said that I am only 20 but you can never start looking after your skin too early I say.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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