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Skirt length when over 50

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    So having passes my 50th, I was surprised to read that women over 50 should wear their skirts below the knees. However, I’m 5’11” tall so most hemlines are going to be above my knees. Tall fashions are usually too long waisted. And also, I’m told  I have pretty nice legs so I don’t mind showing them. But I don’t want to look trashy. So, whats the opinion here girls?



    Well I am over 50 but I don’t worry 😄

    In my opinion it really depends on circumstance. In the cooler weather I would never go out barelegged or with thin tights with a very short skirt, but I would wear a short tunic with leggings. Similarly with my thicker fleece lined tights (I love these), I wear a shorter, mid thigh to knee length skirt. I must admit I am not a fan of long skirts and seldom wear them. It’s just about  looking sensible and not trying to appear too young.

    Another point to consider is what other women of your age are wearing in your locality. I admit I don’t pay a lot of attention to this but anything too different and extreme would be noticed. Generally I think just above the knee is far more accepted in women above 50 these days than would have been in the past.


    I think it’s a matter of preference. If you have good legs then why not show them off but I wouldn’t go too short. My preference is just on the knee.


    I think it’s down to personal preference, rather than some social rule. It also depends on where you’re going. If you’re going for a night out, shorter is fine but if you’re going to work, then I’d go with the longer length. But there is nowt wrong with a woman over 50 wearing a short skirt.


    I think you should wear what looks nice on you and what makes you feel confident. The rules about proper clothing are dumb in my humble opinion. Yes the context makes a difference but we aren’t living in the 1920’s y’know?


    Where did you read this? Go for it!


    It was in the NY Times Style magazine a couple issues ago. It also said a woman over 50 needs to cover her cleavage.  And that advice would be fine if the person in question had dry wrinkled old lady skin and varicose veins. I have neither being a runner since school. But like I said I don’t want to look trashy to the world.


    I would question the motivation of the person writing the article. Was it a man? Was it a woman? What was the point other than making women over 50 feel they are old and no longer sexy and have no right to flaunt it if they got it. I will be 50 next year and have no intention of falling into the trap of being stereotyped. Yes it helps that I don’t look my age but seriously, why put an age limit when women are as diverse as stars in the sky. I object to being placed in a box based on a chronological time frame that does not accurately define who I am.


    Thats a wonderful way to put it Tanya “as diverse as stars in the sky”. I quite agree. Don’t remember if it was a man or woman writer- but they would undoubted be young. I used to take my fashion cues from the Times but this is making me rethink.  And you don’t look 50.


    I agree Tanya613. It isn’t right to put someone in a neat little box. Women are diverse throughout their lifetime and can wear anything that pleases them. Being 50 years old doesn’t make someone “past it” or “ancient”. If a 50 year old woman wants to wear a short skirt, go ahead! It’s a free world.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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