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Skirt or Trousers?

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    A strange question you may wonder?

    Let me explain why I ask.

    During my working life, I always prefered to wear a skirt for work. mainly it was retail-based and I always felt much smarter. But since not being able to work anymore I have found that I just throw on a pair of leggings or jeans in the morning now. It’s not that I don’t care about my appearance anymore. Far from it. I still wear makeup every day even if it’s just a bit of lipstick and some mascara. Also, I have noticed that I almost feel out of place. Most women also mainly leggings or jeans. It’s quite rare sometimes for a woman to be seen in a skirt anymore.  I think a couple of my friends do not even own one.

    So which do you prefer and why?

    I actually still do love to wear a nice skirt once in a while. Back in my teens I hardly ever was seen in jeans. I suppose it stems from my mother. I only ever recall her once wearing a pair of trousers and that was when it was snowing. But I seem to be in the minority. Granted you still get many women who would wear a skirt for work or special occasions. But just for every day, Hardly ever. Am I now a relic from the past? lol


    As a side note. I did ask my OH before whats his preference to which I got the reply. You would look beautiful in a bin bag. Bless him


    I prefer skirts because they are feminine and comfortable. But always find myself instead in trousers. However, I HATE jeans and refuse to wear them. They’re grungy, uncomfortable, unattractive, typical and utterly boring. Trousers for me have to be a soft material and not be boring black office trousers.

    I do love skirts still. In fact, around this time of year I always find myself in dresses. I’ve worn two different dresses twice this weekend. Dresses are wonderful. I realize your question is about skirts, but dresses are my first love.


    Can I say ..it depends?

    I mean running about the countryside in hiking books and a floral skirt is not really senisble is it? Quite apart from anything else the gnats and ticks would have a feest on my legs leaving me looking like a walking morse code message.

    So for day to day life yes Im in jeans they are hardwearing, practical, can look nice if they are the right fit and of course they are easy. In the summer I will change into a skirt after the big walk of the day but in winter a skirt here is deadly,  wind that whips for miles across a flat landscape and hits you like ice cold razor blades round your valuables makes skirts a no no..

    When I worked in retail I always wore a skirt I just felt it presented a better image to our customers than jeans although most of my co workers didnt bother.

    Because of health issues I cant wear high neck, roll necks, knitted fabric , tight clothing, or high heels.

    But I do like wearing my slightly vintage looking dresses when I can and if I go out I always make an effort with a nice skirt and blouse or a dress and wear matching jewelry.

    Ive just ordered a pretty floral dress for my half brothers wedding in September ( Im being optimistic.) I also love my scarves soft chiffon mostly that dont irritate my skin. My latest is is a jade green with an image of the Kiss by Gustave Klimt. I try to wear a scarf that compliments what ever top Im wearing, My tops have to be cotton or viscose so that they dont itch ..


    One thing I wont wear is leggings..OMG bigger ladies that wear those things pulled up tight, leave me wondering which end of them is smiling at me!!! blah.





    Leggings over here are quite a big thing. Most women wear them. Regardless of size shape etc. I wouldn’t say I look bad in them. lol. Well, not as bad as that 🙂

    I never mentioned dresses. Yes, I love dresses in the summer. I actually really like wrap dresses followed by pencil. Which one I wear depends on what the scales said the week before.

    As for scarfs. Absolutely love them too. I have a huge collection. Different colours and styles. keeps the cold out in winter. Look pretty to finish off an outfit in summer.

    My mother always told me something about skirts she said “Wear them short enough to be a woman but long enough to be a lady” That kind of stuck with me.


    Well what an interesting post, I love dresses but yes most ladies I see now wear leggings or jeans during the day. Anyone who wears a dress can stand out get lots of looks.

    I find wearing a dress or skirt makes me put on my best knickers and bras as I feel more feminine doing that, plus on a hot Summers’ day a flowing skirt or dress is so cooling for the legs lol.


    [quote quote=211645]Well what an interesting post, I love dresses but yes most ladies I see now wear leggings or jeans during the day. Anyone who wears a dress can stand out get lots of looks.



    Isn’t it funny how we as women are judged so much by what we wear?

    Many times more than men ever are.  A man can for example just throw on anything and never even get a second look. Where if we did that all eyes would be on us and everyone will think. WOW, she doesn’t look after herself. or she doesn’t know how to dress herself. I have noticed this. Where I am. As I said above. Most women in my immediate area always wear jeans and leggings. I almost feel out of place if I put a skirt and a pair of tights on. Maybe it’s from guys who have not seen the strange phenomenon of a woman actually looking feminine for a change lol or from women who think it’s strange for another woman to have the audacity to actually look like a woman?

    When you look at it that way we live in a very strange world.

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    I tend to wear leggings most days as they are more practical for many of the things I do. I wear a long top or tube skirt with them, for modesty. In a similar manner I like to wear thicker tights in the winter too. I do have jeans, which would be more practical when I am out on my walks, but seldom wear them except more in winter. Most pests are defeated by my leggings, and, when walking, I wear socks turned down over the bottom of them so no gap. I just put up with the odd nettle sting lol. As Cassandra said about the pests, I used to wear sandals with bare feet and ankles or even my shorts when out and about in the summer when the fields are dry but, even though I never had hassles, the continuing talk of dangerous bites put me off.

    My work has generally been of a technical nature which meant that skirts and dresses were not really practical. Maybe a tunic over trousers but I never knew what was going to turn up so followed the men, just not wearing jeans as they sometimes did. I do find heavier grade cotton trousers useful protective wear at times.

    My favourite wear is summer dresses but will usually be found wearing a skirt in the height of summer. Talking about odd wear though and thinking about mowing the lawn later – how’s my safety boots with a short skirt and top lol.


    [quote quote=211667]

    Isn’t it funny how we as women are judged so much by what we wear?



    Would you care to explain this to my 10 year old granddaughter..lol

    My son just had to have a very detailed talk with her about dress and modesty..

    He is not easily phased but he said this talk had him blushing a bit. He noticed that his daughter is getting near puberty and remarked that he would like her to always wear a vest or tshirt even inside the house. She demaned to know why this was required because he doesnt always wear a shirt and nor does her brother.. Pointing out that mummy always does did not help stop her rant against the discrimination of women and objectifying of women just because they have breasts (yes she is only 10 but going on 35).

    So they had a talk which he said included as much history and womens rights over the decades as it did biology and modesty.

    He has convinced her for now that a top is for her own good as much as anyone elses but has advised that if she wishes to contnue this fight against in-equality she will have to study and become a womens rights advocate to change laws and perceptions about women that way..

    I do sympathise with her. I remember my first bra and I hated it ,  I threw it into the bushes behind the swimming pool and told mum it had got lost. Of course she just bought more but I have never liked bras and never feel happy in them.

    I think if I didnt burn so easily and didnt get bitten by every insect that passes Id be happy in a nudest colony!





    Hi Rowena, I totally agree with you some ladies do look at us if we wear a pretty dress or skirt as if we are somehow showing them up. It is a funny world lol.


    As someone who was a teen in the late 60’s and a young woman in the 70’s ,I really loved clothes and still do. I remember wearing mini skirts my senior year in high school and getting all kinds of looks and flack for that. Loved my bell bottoms and hot pants in the 70’s, I remember putting a skirt over the hot pants so my dad would let me out of the house. LOL  Today at my advanced age, I still am forever in blue jeans. I can still get away with skinny jeans and leggings with a long peasant top over those bottoms. I think once you hit 70 you need to  be aware you may be at risk for looking silly if you dress too young. Not looking silly matters to me, but anyone who doesn’t care what other people think, go for it.


    I typically wear things that cover my shins/calves.  For years I have had a problem with swollen ankles, and it’s unsightly to expose my legs like that.  I wear trousers or jeans (mostly jeans) to work, as I can end up crawling on the floor to examine cables, ports and such.  In my younger years, I’ve tried wearing nice shoes with jeans, but the toes get scuffed something fierce when I end up crawling on the floor.  So, I wear comfortable Merrell hiking shoes for the most part – Siren Edge, or Moab 2 Ventilator or Waterproof, depending on the weather.

    I do wear leggings around the house because they’re non-binding and comfortable.

    If I need to wear something fancy, I have a couple of gowns as well as comfortable heels to match.


    Leggings look awful on me: they make my legs look bulky and just unattractive. I also avoid jeans. In fact, I hate wearing jeans. I won’t even go to the shops in them. Now, I don’t dress in pearls and a twin set, but I do wear dresses and skirts. I also love tailored trousers. I have a good few pairs of such trousers and they’re gorgeous and so, so comfortable. Skirts are fabulous, too.

    I am going to buy myself a red skirt online. I have tons and tons of tops, but a few skirts is on the shopping list. Plus, it’s a great time of year for stylish skirts.

    Again, I refuse to wear jeans. I know that sounds snobbish, but they are so uncomfortable and sweaty. However, I am not raining on anyone’s parade!


    I think it’s wonderful that we are all so different and we can all appreciate the styles that we wear and the reasons for that. I know I tend to dress in jeans most of the time but this is what suits my lifestyle, when I lived in London you would have found me in a lot of pencil skirts and rather high heels shoes this sorted my way of life back then but I soon learnt that Holland with its little cobbled streets and bicycles does not lend itself to wearing tight skirts or high heels. Having said that I’ve just bought two new summer skirts and a rather elegant summer dress although it is a crepe material which is rather see through so I shall now have to invest in a slip to go underneath it…. I’m a little old to be showing my underwear to the world. !


    You and me both Kitty, I have loads of tops and a severe shortage of skirts but will be rectifying that soon lol.


    Because I am a woman, I like dressing in a feminine way. Yes: I like tailored trousers. But also love skirts.

    Also, you DON’T need to wear heels with skirts: you can still wear flat shoes. Just because you’re in a skirt, does not mean you need to wear fancy heels. Flat shoes are much more feminine these days. In fact, I wear flats with my skirts all the time! You can too.

    Writing of flats: Hotter shoes are a great retailor. Have a look online at women’s flat shoes. You’ll be surprised at how stylish they are. AND they are not all boots or loafers.

    Don’t be afraid of dressing with style! So what if people stare? They are just jealous that you’re confident enough to look stylish and feminine.

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