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Skirt or Trousers?

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    You just made me laugh a little Kitty as I remembered a girl I used to work with.She was with us for summer placement as she was at university. I loved her style. She was somewhat goth and used to wear a pretty skirt with Doc Martin boots. It’s not perhaps something I would have got away with and, as it was my permanent job, I would not have tried but I was envious. There is maybe the touch of a rebel in all of us ūüėÄ



    Some thing I did take note of and going back to the second WW when women were drafted to the war effort¬† they in most case,s wore longs and or overall,s as they took over from the men¬† , so over the years and yes I grew up from 1947 most women wore dress,s or skirts, about the 58 on there was debate about what women could should wear, and it came from men¬† tough,¬† women got what they needed¬† so today I don’t find many women in our clothes¬† lol,s ,,ya ya . though remember we had under a different name¬† bloomer,s¬† .

    Women had been constrained for far to long and to decide for our self,s what we needed  so yes  most today wear the longs, or what ever names is used, The only time I will wear a pair of longs is when I,m on Parade  for ANZC day or other Military detail, New Zealand. and I,m in Uniform  NZ Navy, in other detail I,ll be in a black skirt white top  and dressed for what is needed,and is very smart,

    What I see is the constraining of women in some ways has been broken and that’s taken a long while¬† so all good,

    At our dance groups and we have 150 member,s from different part,s from NZ most will wear a dress or skirt,¬† though a few will wear longs,, down the road some of my friends still do as I do¬† though most don’t¬† tho older my age and up a few each way, so depends on the person, oh for got I never ever liked longs total hated them and still do,rather be in short,s ¬† any way, just my thought,s



    I do have some flats but love wearing 3 inch heels as I think my legs look better and longer lol.


    I think its a personal preference.

    You don’t have to wear heels with anything. But for me, I think they look better with a skirt. But I won’t wear anything over 3 inches anymore.
    Once upon a time. Going way back. Heel size wasn’t an issue. But now I prefer comfort.

    But I like my winter boots to be flat. I got a couple of pairs of sandals for summer with heels. I really like them.

    I’m with Kitty. Don’t be afraid to wear a style that makes you feel good.



    [quote quote=212066]

    But I like my winter boots to be flat.


    It reminds me of another time during winter snows. There had been an overnight fall with frost. I came across a woman who had been to a party the night before and was wearing less than flat boots. We both needed to get to the top of ‘Steep Hill’ in Lincoln. Luckily I was prepared with winter boots but it was precarious hand in hand to the top lol

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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