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    I have taken a look at SW and I must say I am confused on how eating all of the things they say including a full English breakfast will help me lose weight,

    Skeptical? Yes. I agree that counting calories is no fun, and I do agree eating everything you normally do keeps you a real life situation. Eating smaller quantities is the key.

    My problem is keeping to the smaller quantities with certain items such as pasta, 🙂

    If you have tricks to the plan please share.

    Thanks for any help you share.


    I am now at 115lbs, my target weight. All I do is:

    – Walking at least 45 min a day, non stop. I run when I can
    – Eat your last meal before 7:30pm
    – Eat 6 small ( about 2 ounces) meal a day rather than 3 big meals
    – Stay away from sweet ( food and drink) as much as you can
    – No more than 1 cup of carb a day.


    I am glad to hear you have hit your target weight.

    Do you think eating more often is the key?

    I walk only about 5000 steps in a day, so I know I must increase that.

    I do have my last meal by 7:30,
    I only have 2 meals a day, breakfast/lunch plus a balanced dinner.
    I do not drink any pop, my usual drink is water. I may sneak a cookie in.

    Dinner = piece of fish, or pork chop, or chicken baked. If I have rice cooked measurement is about 1/2 cup, or a small potato plus a vegetable.

    My one cheat is I like Baileys in my Coffee.

    I use Mt Fitness Pal app to add up my calories and try to stick to 1200 calories.

    I will try to get off my butt and get walking more.

    Thank you “Getting Addicted” for your help.


    Hi Denise, it looks like you are doing all the right things to me.

    I ate 6 small meals instead of 3 regular meals because that’s what I have heard all the time and it worked.

    I think you might want to increase your walk. I also found that when you exercise, regardless of how you do it, the inhale/exhale part is important. I set up my home gym to face right out to the door so I could get fresh air while doing it. I prefer walking outside though.

    I think your Bailey is okay if you don’t consume a huge quantity.

    1200 calories a day is impressive, Denise.

    Are you close to or at your target weight?


    Now that the weather is getting nicer, I will start walking more.

    6 meals would mean 200 calories per meal. Not sure how to do that.

    Yes, only one coffee with one ounce of Baileys. I include it with my daily calorie count.

    Not close to my target weight at all.

    Its seems the more I try the more I gain. (Thyroid is fine.)

    All help is appreciated.


    I am 5’3″ and 115lbs. My daily intake is about 1500-1600 calories and I still got to the target weight. My doctor told me even at 1800 calories a day, it is still okay.


    I will keep trying.

    Just to give you a little background.

    I am 57 years old and do remember when I was 115 lbs. I also remember when I got married nearly 34 years ago I was 98 pounds. I have no children except my cats, so that is not a factor.

    I was 50 and suffered a stoke that required them to “rotor rudder” (carotid endarterectomy) my carotid. I have no ill effects from that and I think I just was so happy to be alive that I decided to enjoy life.
    I was 125 pounds then.

    I retired nearly 3 years ago and now am 146 lbs at 5’4″
    I carry my weight around the middle and my breasts. So when I look at myself I still want to see that 98 lb person.

    Thank you for your help and encouragement.


    Hi Denise, 7 years and you have everything under control, I think that’s great. My Dad was the same way, the minute he founded out he was diabetic, he stopped working and just focused on his health.

    We are about the same age, I am 55. The last time I weighed 98 was when I was a freshman in college. In the last 10 years, I am like a yoyo between 115 – 123, but most of the time I am somewhere between 116-118. I had an annual physical last month and my doctor told me I could loose 5lbs, it will be good for my borderline diabetes. I am not on insulin or anything like that, I took a Metformin every other day, my AC1 is 6.7 and my blood sugar is typically at 120 – 130.

    I guess at our age, we all have some health issue but as long as we keep it under control, we should be okay.

    Good luck Denise, you appear to be really active and that’s most important.


    I had to do a conversion for your blood sugar amounts and see that you are right on the verge of diabetes.
    I am also close but have been controlling my numbers with diet. I actually have blood work booked for tomorrow, when I get my numbers I will share them.

    You mentioned you are on METFORMIN, which will help you control your numbers and maybe even get you to a point of not having to take the medication.

    When I asked my GP about attending a diabetic clinic he told me not to waste my time since as a Pharmacy Technician I am aware of the drug route and as long as I watch my diet I can avoid it.

    We will see what tomorrow brings.


    I am seriously thinking about your mentioning about Metformin. I must get to that point. I read all over the place that long-term use of Metformin is not good for our kidneys.

    Good luck with your blood work.


    I have had great results with and heard others also express good results with the Fasting diet also know as 5:2. If you are interested, discuss with your doctor and check if it is right for you.

    Basically the diet consists of calorie restrictions for two nonconsecutive days (women 500 calories, men 600 calories). The other five days of the week you can eat as you would normally.

    I first heard of this diet when I was in England and saw information about it:

    My mother in law said she was on the diet and had great results with loosing weight and other health related claims.

    I’ve posted some information on the forum a while back here:


    the 5:2 seems to be very popular and I think it works well.


    I’m struggling to get myself organized enough to do it again.

    I did it before I got pregnant and was in great shape.

    So now that I’m not breastfeeding, we stopped only month or so ago, it’s time to consider the fasting diet again.


    I tried weight watchers for a few months but it really didn’t work out. I lost 10lbs, then gained back 8lbs over the course of four months. I actually kept to the diet and stayed active. I guess it just doesn’t work for some people!

    Getting much better results now that I’m muscle building as well as cardio-ing, and using MFP to track my food.



    Hi, I am frantically trying to get in shape wearing a corset and exercising every day, as I want to look good for the beach. So far so good I have lost 6 pounds !

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