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    I felt things were better when I had to run down the grass verge when an occasional car came past. I grew up with cycling as I lived well out of town, and a bike was the only practical way to get about. It comes natural to me to ride .


    When I was a kid, I went riding on my bicycle every single weekend. I LOVED that bike. I’d spend hours going down cycle tracks, to friend’s homes and to the parks. Sadly, when I moved away I had to stop riding. Still, those memories are nostalgic. I had a happy childhood.


    Ah that bike with the little basket on the front, I remember those warm Summers long ago. The world seemed somewhat more innocent then or is that my rose-tinted glasses.


    I loved those days. Life was an adventure with no worries. However, I am not down in the dumps.

    Life is wonderful: no matter my age. I am young at heart and know these days I will one day wish myself back to, with a sense of nostalgia.


    Life changes! I remember years back. Yes at times it was carefree, but not always. These days it is fairly carefree, but not always. To contradict myself – Life does not change 😀


    Life will go on and on forever: we’re on a planet that never stops spinning. We do have to treasure what we have and make the most of our lives and opportunities that come our way. For time only goes forwards. This is all very philosophical, but it is true. And in this life we can only ever be ourselves: we’re not going to wake up tomorrow Madonna or Kate Moss. Everyone faces their life journey alone and can only have their own karma.


    I run too and have been doing so since school. Except now I run with a loaded gun in a fanny pack. I run in quite isolated places and always alone. So its not unexpected that I should be accosted It happened 2 years ago. A couple of morons ran after me yelling about what they were going to do. I was faster and had more endurance (of course), but from that day I’ve carried Mr Ruger loaded with hollow points.


    Hi all, I often like to remember my childhood it was lovely as we lived in a quiet village with hardly any cars. I have just thought again I am an orphan now as both my parents are dead ( mum most recently ) and in times of strife I cannot turn to them like I used too. Sad or what.


    I have noticed with both my father (now deceased) and beginning with my mother, that we start off helpless as babies, then needing constant care as children, before living independantly as adults, then needing care as children then helpless as babies. I try not to ponder, and it is not true for everyone, but what I have seen and am seeing is sad.


    Oh Jen, lets not think of that. Perhaps we will die suddenly.


    Speak for yourself I am aiming for immortality just to nag everyone  for ever. lol


    I think the winter weather is getting me down. A good walk is called for this morning. On the up – when I checked yesterday my weight was down a bit 😀


    Can I suggest an experiment in weight loss that involves 2 weeks of just eating boiled vegetables and rice (microwave is fine) drenched in delicious gravy (if you enjoy), with bananas, rice crackers, fruit and nuts and lots of water for snacks?

    I combined this diet with walking 3 miles a day and it was FUN!

    I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks, with 6 pounds shed in the first 2.

    I know everybody’s metabolism is different but regardless, I think the key to weight loss is to be motivated, and to develop a program that you actually enjoy thinking about following when you wake up in the morning.


    Dieting isn’t about self-punishment and there’s no need to feel miserable and hungry while you’re trimming down.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 7 months ago by Toni.

    So the diet is carb heavy, fat but no protein? I think its more the walking than the diet.


    Hi all , congrats Jen on losing weight, I like Toni’s comments  and ideas although a bit of protein would not come amiss. I saw a programme saying we need to cut down on acidic foods like citrus fruits as our teeth are under attack and eat more alkaline food, you can’t win can you.

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