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    Diets with carbs are usually difficult, because carbs stimulate the hunger hormones. That is why after a chinese meal you feel full, followed shortly after by a feeling of hunger.


    [quote quote=157699]Hi all , congrats Jen on losing weight, I like Toni’s comments and ideas although a bit of protein would not come amiss. I saw a programme saying we need to cut down on acidic foods like citrus fruits as our teeth are under attack and eat more alkaline food, you can’t win can you. [/quote]

    I cannot win lol _ I love citris fruits and have a least one daily. They supposedly ward off colds etc :/ 😀



    I’m for the Atkins diet, heavy protein and fat, minimal carbs. Works for me.


    I heard the Atkins diet was only a short term thing as in the long run it could be dangerous. I will not be giving up my fruit as I so love it so much.


    I agree mikki: you can’t win. One diet advises less citric fruit, while other diets say eat more fruit: and so it goes. I think everyone is an individual and it isn’t one size fits all: people have to modify their eating habits for their own body and health. Basically, everyone is different and have different needs.


    Hi Kitty, I think that old adage of eating a little of everything ( except I am veggie ) usually works.


    so mikki, how do you get through this dreadful winter eating only veg’s? Where do you find them halfway fresh. Grown in Spain, or Africa??


    In the east of the country, close to where a lot of veg is grown, it is only in the harshest of weathers that there is not pretty fresh veg for the winter. Mostly greens but plenty of onions and root veg too. We get our carrots and parsnips from someone locally, and are locally grown on an allotment. It is some fruit that tends to be rarer at times. Mostly this winter has been dismal but not dreadful. The current snow has mainly been so much of an issue due to it being rare, and not allowed for in government expenditure / plans, plus people are more reliant on longer distance travel these days, as jobs change, so it is not a short walk home if trapped in the car.


    Well Rhonda, I am a lacto vegetarian so eat cheese and milk, also I get protein from soya and surprisingly lentils. I drifted into being veggie but would not change now as I am very healthy, slim and also read veggies tend to live longer. The last bit is a real plus.


    I love cheese and milk: it keeps my bones strong. I eat a lot of vegetables, too. I eat a lot of potatoes and plenty of other veg. I eat the odd Chinese or Indian takeaway. I eat healthily overall, but do have a weakness for chocolate! I love cake, as well. I will eat the odd slice. Anyhow, a vegetarian diet does help a person live longer. And I wouldn’t go without veggies. Not just for health reasons, but also because – when done properly – dishes with veg are delicious. And I do enjoy my food!


    I have just come across a new term – FLEXIARIAN, apparently it is someone who is mainly veggie but occasionally has a bit of meat. Isn’t that OMNIVEROUS ?


    Yet another ‘buzzword’! Along with the latest superfood (I wonder what that is lol) I suspect it would not be too difficult to find a food fashion dictionary as there are so many associated terms these days. Maybe vegetarian’s who just cannot give up their favourite meat just can’t bear to be seen as omniverous with it’s direct relationship to animals. Either that or some clever(?) journalist has created the term for impact.


    Hi, I think some people like to label everything, I was happy when someone called me sassy, I now have to live up to that lol


    You know mikki, our hairstyles are really very similar. A short bob. Very attractive on both of us.


    Yes Rhonda I do find it easy to manage especially in the Summer, woolly hats tend to flatten it down a lot in the Winter though. One drawback is I sometimes wear dangly earrings and they keep catching in my hair so wear studs on windy days lol

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