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    well bending over forward generally results in hair flopping in my face. But easy care makes up for a lot.


    My style is very similar too! I tend to wear an Alice band at times when I am out in the wind. It shows off my earings better as well as keeping my hair in place.


    I have slightly longer than bobbed hair. I wash my hair daily. I love tying it back and clipping in a ribbon: I have a few ribbons, such as red, sky blue, pink and purple. I also love coloured hair ties and bands. I LOVE wearing hair accessories. That’s me!


    I guess by the time you reach my age, hair is just something you deal with as easily as possible. Gone are the days when I would brush my ebony tresses endlessly. Now its just get the job done.

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    Like Jen I too wear an alice band but it is not always the right thing  in certain situations, besides it forces  me to wear more of my earrings as I delve deeper into my jewellery box lol


    I LOVE waering earrings, mikki. I have done so since 11 years old. I am very attached to them. I have quite a collection and love heavy, dangly styles. I also love hoops and studs. Earrings are my personal style and I can be whacky with my looks. I have a pair of drop parrot earrings: I still wear them and bought them 20 odd years ago. I also store my jewellery in tool boxes, as they’re so convenient. I don’t lose jewellery anymore because of this.


    Very wise Kitty if only I was as well organised, I love diamante style drop earrings with my ruched cerise dress but don’t get to wear them very often unfortunately, I do feel like a lady when I do though.


    Definitely try to see if you can wear earrings more often: you’ll look fabulous!


    You are so kind, I will do so and get hubby to buy some for my birthday lol. x


    Those are the best earrings- when somebody gives them to you.


    Hi Rhonda, yes they are the best especially if he takes the many subtle hints I give him and buys me exactly what I like.


    Fortunately, men can take hints! Anyhow, when is your birthday, mikki? I am just curious!


    May 13, my guy does take the odd hint but I have to be subtle like banging him over the head with a mallet lol.

Viewing 13 posts - 76 through 88 (of 88 total)

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