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So how many shoes

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    do you own? Is 65 pairs about right?


    I own about 5 or 6 pairs of high heels and also own practical shoes, such as boots and loafers. I do need to buy a new pair of boots, which I am getting on Saturday. I own sandals and other summer shoes. I LOVE shoes. But I tend to look at high heels on the Internet, rather than buying them and adding clutter to my apartment. High heels are beautiful and I will wear them when other women are. Anyhow, a great thread!


    Hi dear and cute shoes in your avatar. Well I work in heels, matter of fact they are dress code for the company- which also specifics hemlines will be at/below the knees. I have a hard time with this one. Also, no bare arms, exposed chest and limited jewelry. And I’m the only woman in the company- the code is written for me. Gentlemen I’m told don’t need a code to tell them how to dress.


    I feel like i dont own enough! I need to get my shoe game together 😀


    Have fun, I know I would.


    Oh I love shoes. Can’t wait for the sales!


    Lindylo: don’t forget you can google images of shoes [and everything else in this universe] and right click the picture to purchase your choice of shoe. Obviously, you will need a credit card or other type of card. It’s dead easy to do this. And then you just wait for your beautiful pair of shoes to be delivered to your door!


    Shoe porn! Gosh I love these heels. Sky high


    Too high for me! My highest are about half that. Lovely shoes though



    They are surprisingly easy to walk in and comfortable to wear. But then I have a long foot.


    I have small feet [size 4!] but have promised myself I will wear heels more often. And you’ve got to love shoe porn! LOL.


    well they do attract men’s attention and nothing flatters your legs more than tall spiky heels.

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    Heels are incredibly flattering on the legs. When I have daughters they will wear high heels. Heels are so feminine and exotic. Who’d want to be a man when you can be a woman in heels? Women are lucky to be women.


    You know Kitty, funny you should say that. That’s exactly how I felt.


    I have read all these comments and have decided I don’t own enough shoes. Ok I have lots dotted about but I am going for the 65, after all you only live once. I need a pair of boots and definitely more heels not to mention smart work shoes, can I get away with stealing hubbies flexible friend ? lol

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 133 total)
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