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    I seem to rotate them seasonally. Leather in winter, woven fabric in summer , and I have some  cork bags for in-between (from Portugal). Like mikki, I like  clutches if their going in a tote, shoulder bags otherwise.


    I don’t know about you Rhonda but I always get cold feet wearing canvas shoes, more than just wearing sandals or flip flops. How does that work ?


    I’ve never worn flip flops in my life. I hate the sight of them. Proper shoes- thats the thing to wear. I don’t get cold feet anyway, but I do get cold hands. I wear gloves all winter and even into spring. I guess I look like I’m about to burgle a house or something.


    When I said flip flops I meant the ones with the shaped footbed and small heel, they are great for the beach. I also get cold hands something to do with a slow pulse rate I think as I need to get the blood pumped round quicker.


    Gloves are also a style statement I think- more than just keeping your hands warm. They sort of finish an outfit.


    I agree Rhonda. I have several pairs of gloves for different outfits. I don’t like trues flips flops either, but do have some beach sandals, and almost live in other sandals during the summer.


    I have to agree with you, Rhonda333: I hate flip flops too and never wear them. They drive me mental. Not to go on about it, but I hate the slapping sound they make and the feel of them, so you’re not alone! LOL. Anyhow, shoes I love are courts, boots, sandals, low heels. I have a favourite pair of low heels I wear when the weather is warm. I bought them last year and wore them throughout the summer months. For work I wear boots and a zip-up court shoe. I will happily spend $90 on a pair of shoes because they’re quality and will last a long time.


    Hi Kitty. I can’t get rid of the vision of  the  fat woman in flip flops with her fat rolls cascading down the flip flop and you know she’s wearing them because she can’t bend over to put on a shoe. Lord deliver us.


    All right I get the picture, just mentioning rolls of fat did the trick, although I did not mean flip flops really  more a beach mule. Does that blet me off the hook ? On a different note I hate seeing very large ladies in big floaty dresses it just looks so wrong as it just draws attention to their shape.


    agree but how about the fat rolls that bulge out under their bra straps? And then there really is a time when we have to cover our cleavage- thankfully not just yet.


    No thank god, keep exercising and massaging all those creams in, I shall think of those rolls of fat next time I put my bra on.


    not you dear- I can tell from your picture


    Well thanks for that you are nice. x

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    I wore my gorgeous court shoes for the theatre last night. However, they were pushing at the top of the shoe, which was uncomfortable. But I am sure if I wore them more often, this would not happen. I do absolutely love them, though.


    So kitty, what do they look like?

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 133 total)

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