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Social Media Break

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    I’m taking a long break from Social Media for a while due to a tragedy as my Dad sadly passed away on the 2nd from a heart attack and was buried on Wednesday afternoon, it’s been tough few days and I just need time to heal from the sudden death of my Dad as I only spoke to him at Xmas and last time I saw him was the car show in June last year….


    First please accept my sincere condolences, loosing a parent  is hard.

    I do understand your need for peace and time to get yourself through this but remember we are here should you need us, many of us will have suffered similar loss and are happy to be that shoulder to lean on if you need it..


    Take care



    Please accept my condolences too! I echo Cassandra’s message of support.


    Please accept my condolences.

    I know you’re not using social media for a while, but we are all here for you if you need to talk.



    Please accept my sincerest condolences.  Although my parents are still alive, I also echo Cassandra’s message.


    I’m not back fully yet but everything has been so tough since my Dad died and these past 3 months have been rough


    Take care of yourself x



    Three months is no time at all. Then there will be all the “first times” first birthday without him , first father’s day , first Christmas etc those days will be hard dont be surprised if you suddenly find yourself feeling very emotional on those days.

    Continue to focus on positive things when possible and put yourself and your close family ahead of everything else for a while yet.


    I second cassandra’s post.


    His birthday would of been the day after Father’s Day…. I hate 2020


    It’s not a good year of lots of people.


    It’s been a terrible year for so many of the people of the world. It is saddening that so many have lost their lives to Coronavirus.

    The world will never forget those loved ones.


    It finally hit when it would of been his 71st birthday two months ago and I have finally started having physio for my wrist, doubt it’s helping as the pain is worse than ever but the only flip side is that I finally got my bandana cause of the virus and it’s a Resident Evil one…


    Hope for the best that your physio works. It’s the new fashion with masks and bandana these days. If this goes on for any length of time I wonder how they will evolve?



    {{Warm hug for Lake District}}

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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