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Social Media Break

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    I went for my physio but the pain is still painful and have good days and bad days….


    hope your pain improves.


    what happened?


    (I’ve  not been reading this thread until today)


    I haven’t posted in here for a bit, just had so much going on, my cat Dusty had to get surgery to remove two stones from her bladder and she’s been recovering ever since and now I gotta wait for an appointment with a special clinic to get my bottom two wisdom teeth removed, other stuff regarding my late Dad has been going on mainly family stuff that I don’t want to post on here, I’ve been saving up money to get the new Playstation 5 too, have more than enough for one as I have been saving for the past few months, I recently had to upgrade my TV to a 43inch 4K UHD HDR as my old one died, the issue with my right wrist hasn’t been as bad of late but get the odd pains with it.

    I still don’t feel ready to post full time here but it’s been 9 months past on the 2nd since my Dad passed away, I’ve still been gaming and working on some fan fiction too.. Gotta take my mind off stuff and gaming with Spotify is one of the ways to help…

    Hope some of you can understand that I just don’t feel ready to return here, I will be back when I am ready but right now is not the right time to come back…


    Hello there.

    you know we are going to be here if you come back in a week or a month or year we will still be here with open arms you’re one of us.

    you take the time you need and when you need us we will be here take care of yourself..xxxx


    Hi there, I too have taken a social media break. I am sorry to hear about this year being so awful!   Hugs for you all xxx


    Thank you for the update. I do wonder how you are from time to time.


    This past month has been hard, I fell on ice yesterday and cut my right arm a bit and still waiting to get my wisdom teeth removed, I also went back to my Dad’s grave on Dec 12th to put a wreath and I cried so much and I had asked my sister to go but she refused so I went alone and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I saw that his name is now on the headstone and seeing that made it more heartbreaking.


    This is only an update but not ready to come back yet….

    I’m still gaming more and that helps deal with s**t of 2020 and right now I need time…

    If any of you want to keep in touch then maybe try Instagram as I’m on there and if you dm on here to follow me over there, once I accept all I ask that you mention this forum…

    Thanks 🙂

    Hope 2021 is better than crappy 2020!


    Keep well! 2020 was pretty poor for most of us but things will get better. We will be here when you decide to return. Take care x


Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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