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    I have been informed by my email provider that one of my accounts has been hacked: there is sensitive information in these accounts and I can’t afford to have them exposed.

    I have changed all the passwords, but wonder what the hacker wanted to gain: obviously information. But I am still wondering why I was hacked and not someone else. Again, I have changed the passwords, so they’re locked out.

    Do be careful with your email accounts and the passwords you use. I was told this myself and didn’t listen.

    I am annoyed at the hacker and rather scared it could happen again.


    I am sorry to hear that Kitty. I think the only thing I can usefully say here is that most of the information you would regard as sensitive could well be of little value to most hackers.The risky things tend to be full identities and bank account details. It is unlikely you were directly targeted. More likely either a random success or a number of people were hacked. I would make sure that your login details are only known by yourself though. Another thing I advise is to not have the computer save logins / passwords etc. I would suggest you change your password yet again. The more distance you can put between any hacker and yourself the better. Run virus scans on your computer too (with up to date scanner).


    I remember I had my credit card hacked (only ever used on the computer). I never knew how but suspect it was via a company I bought from. Luckily the bank noticed and sorted with no cost. I never use my debit card online.

    Anyone can be caught out (see the news for professional government organisations) so be ready to act. Don’t be afraid. just watchful. Use your female intuition we all have.


    Thank you for your reply, SpinningJen. I don’t use a credit card online, either: I stick with PayPal.

    I am seriously considering to change my passwords again. Although Mircosoft noticed the intrusion within minutes: they were that quick to spot the hacker. They advised me to change my passwords, which I did. Someone also tried to hack my Instagram account: with no success. I used a strong password, you see, which is impossible to guess. I do realize the hacker could trick the computer into revealing the password, but that hasn’t happened.

    I have dealt with the situation and shall keep a strict eye on all my online accounts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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